Sick writing by call: The telephone Au is extended

The disperse by phone is extended. For slight airway infections, a call for the AU.

Berlin (DPA) – The ability to telephone sick leave for light respiratory tract infections remains for the time being until 31 May for persistent Corona infection hazard in Germany.

Sick paper by phone: Special rule extended for two months

Write a letter to your friend for COVID-19 (Corona virus) precaution

The Joint Federal Committee extended the corresponding special rules for another two months, as he announced. The body is responsible for the determination of healthcare benefits (more news about digital at Joint Federal).

The Committee announced that the extension was appropriate despite the nationwide Corona relaxation. In order to keep a possible risk of infection in medical practices, insured persons should continue to receive a disease up to seven calendar days with slight upper respiratory disorders.

Sick: Even extension of the AU by call continues possible

Contacts in medical practices could be avoided. Patients and patients and employees would be protected.

A unique extension of the disperse can be submitted by phone for another seven calendar days, according to the Federal Committee. Regardless of the Corona Special Regulation, assured persons could receive a sick leave in the context of a video pronging lesson.