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[Information] Add Korean War! Nintendo Switch Online App Use Guide

Enjoying a variety of games will often need voice chat. When you play a PC game, you use the discord, but when you are with your friends with your friends, you have not been able to use voice chat because you could not use voice chat. I used the ‘Nintendo switch online app’ as a solution to eliminate these inconveniences, but I have not applied to Korean war, but it has not been applied properly.

Recently, however, a recent housing update was applied to the Nintendo switch online app and has made many users enthusiasts, including me. We prepared the information needed to utilize 100% of Nintendo switch online app in commemoration of this Korean.

Nintendo Switch Online App
The Nintendo Switch Online app is a Nintendo official online app that allows you to enjoy online games more fun. Especially, you can use various services such as your friends in real time, or you can use a variety of services such as voice chat. Currently, games that can be used in conjunction with Nintendo switch online apps are ‘Splatoon 2’, ‘Gather Animal Forest’, ‘Super Sales’ Brothers Ultimate’ Total.

In addition, ‘Arms’, ‘Mario Cart 8 Deluxe’ and ‘Mario Tennis Ace’ can also be used with switch online apps, but the games must be able to download update data separately and should be noted that they can be linked to the app.

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Nintendo Switch Online App Use
Nintendo switch online apps are available to join the private plan or family plan as many as Nintendo Switch Online Plan . In addition, to log in to your app, you must link to the currently used Nintendo Account Account .

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Nintendo switch online app interlocking service
The games that are linked with Nintendo switch online apps are different. Splatoon 2 is available in the store in the store, and you can use the functions such as purchasing items, versatility, and friend list check without connecting to the game. You can also view various information about the information about the map, such as the current weapon information, such as the current weapon information.

You can use voice chat through the user-side Nintendo switch online app that plays Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. In addition, it is possible to upload their own activity by video, and it is also possible to view the video of the world’s user in real time. In particular, there is also a function that can be transmitted directly to the game after saving the person’s favorite stage as much as possible to see the stages created directly through the video.

Nintendo Switch Online Is Different...

Gather a gathering, the animal’s forest service, a dedicated portal, in the portal of the 3DS, the ‘popping out of the animal’ s forest, calls the qr code of the Mai design, and gather the switch of the switch, you can download it in the animal’s forest. In addition, you can use a conversation keyboard that can be easily converted to a friend through your apps, and you need to send messages only when you play online, and you need to go to online communications.