HALF-LIFE: ALYX gets a level editor

Valve Software recently stated on staying that the company was now a level editor for Half-life: alyx, now that the virtual reality game was delivered. The Jake Rodkin developer reported to the fans of Peetera that Valve would soon have to show for Half-Life: alyx, although he did not mention any date. The level editor will extend Alyx’s replay and longevity as well as the mods have already started. Half-life: Alyx is now available for VR units and compatible game platforms.

“This is the goal of the team now that the match is over. There will soon be more information, but we work there, “said Jake Rodkin. “Sorry, I do not have a date beyond, but I’m sure there will be more communication soon. Most of last week has been devoted to patches and technical support after launch.” With More tools to come to Alyx, the already essential VR title will become more essential as valve developers will add to the game. We are delighted to see what VALVE reserve for VR enthusiasts and Half-Life fans.

Valve Software has promised the addition of source tools 2 to create new environments, with the HAMMER level editor already upgraded with Tools and VR components. This fundamental change in source tools 2 will ensure that not only Alyx has a longevity, but that valves themselves have also. Fans have already started changing the VR Half-Life game, including a mod that makes the game playable outside the RV for fans who have problems with transportation or players who do not yet have any Virtual reality helmet.

Как я сделал моды и SDK для Half-Life: Alyx за Valve?

Are you going to mess with the next level editor for Half-Life: Alyx? What game had the best level editor? Let us know in the comments below!