Spacecraft Cooperation Operation ACT “This Means Warp” -The strategic thinking is required, and thinking as a team is also important [Developer interview]

An interview with the developer of the new indie game I’m worried about this project. This time, we will deliver mini-in-tabes to the spacecraft cooperation action action “ this Means warp ” developer who started early access on March 17 for PC for PC.

This work is a multitasking action set in a spacecraft. A variety of missions that occur in the ship are planned, and the incandescent space battle with the hostile spacecraft is strategically prompted to play cooperative with friends. Online play correspondence, up to four people can be multi-play. At the time of article writing, it is not Japanese.

“This Means Warp” is out of access for ¥ 2,050.

– First of all, please introduce yourself. What is your favorite game?

PAUL This work lead programmer Paul. He lives in Ireland. I love the game of Strategy Games, and I used to have a game like “Rollercoaster Tycoon”, “Age of Empires”, “Theme Hospital”.

Matt This artist is a joint programmer Matt. I am in Canada now, but several years ago I lived in Japan! I like the game I like mainly in the match game, “Rocket League” “Starcraft” and “Street Fighter” series. I am always playing something that can compete with other players.

-Why did you start developing this work?

Paul & Matt We also loved Multi-player games and rogue lights, but I thought that the two combined cooperation games were combined. If you think so, the more you think, the more you want to play, and this story has been to stop making it!

– Please tell me the characteristics of this work.

Paul & Matt This work is a fierce cooperation spacecraft management PC game, which is designed with multiplayer and replayability. Players are required to be strategic thinking, and the thinking ability as a team is also important. Different maps, items, enemies come out each time you play, so you can play with fresh feelings every time and different experiences are possible.

– What kind of person do this work do you want to play?

Paul & Matt This work does not target all people, but I think that it is attractive to the eyes of many people who play the game. I know that male gamers over 30 years old are like playing such types of games, but you can enjoy a younger layer or a casual layer that likes party games like “over-kick” I think. Even a community that is made from before the loan chopsticks of this work, we will notify new people, but you do not want to be tied to this. The combination of game play in this work is convinced that many gamers are attracted.

– How long have you been planning for early access? What factors will be added in the future?

From Paul & Matt Closed Alpha and Closed Beta, we were developing this work based on feedback and decided to make it really a good thing at the end of the early access. Main systems are also completed mainly stories. However, since there are random elements in this work, the scalability is infinite! Early access is planned to be a year from 9 months, new enemies, new weapons, new spacecraft, etc.! As with previous play tests, the roadmap will be adjusted by feedback from the community.

– Please tell me the impression that you have released as early access.

Paul & Matt I am very happy to experience this work to all people. Please feel free to make a proposal to make this work better, and I would like to talk about tactics that can be used in this work, and also to know more advanced techniques. I can not wait for you to deliver the next content and you can enjoy it more!

– Is there a work affected by this work?

In Paul & Matt Development, the appearance of this work has changed significantly. However, real-time gameplay with action elements in this work was immutable. The factors that have been inspired from the game, such as “FTL: FASTER THAN LIGHT” and “over-kook”, are not new, but new concepts are mixed with the ideas who liked them from before, It was a lot of fun to create something that you can play many times to players. This work is also having a lot of things that made our favorite SF movie. Sharpers may be found some!

– Is there any plan to support Japanese work? Is it possible to translate?

Paul & Matt This work is currently compatible with five languages. But it is more appointment during early access! I have not decided to make any language yet, but I’m going to based on a community feedback. If there are a lot of voices that you want Japanese, they will increase the best priority! Now I’m not looking for volunteer translation, but if there is a person who can cooperate, please come to Discord!

– Did you have an impact on development by new coronavirus?

Paul & Matt It was not so much. We are remotely developing this work. Paul is in Ireland and Matt is Canada. Therefore, I used to say that I had to work from home. There are other benefits to say that you work remotely. When playing test play, you have to use the online multiplayer function. Therefore, it is quite firmly tested!

– Is it okay to deliver and monetize this work?

Paul&Matt本作の配信に制限はありません。 We also love to see you to play!


Paul & Matt We look forward to your impressions.本作はコミュニティによって作られた作品です。もし一緒に本作を作りたい方がいらっしゃいましたら、ゲーム内やSteamフォーラム、または Discordでコメントを書いてくださいね!本作は現在、Steamで早期アクセス中です。皆さんに宇宙で会えるのを楽しみにしています!

–thank you.