The mystery of the Tower of the Heresy in Elden Ring: solution to the riddle of snow that blocks the door with magic

Throughout the intermediate lands of Elden Ring there are countless towers. A few are essential to equip yourself with great runes, while others keep in its interior usually spells or enchantments of great power. The problem is that all the towers are blocked with magic and you will have to resolve its riddle to be able to access them. And the resolution is not always so obvious.

The most cryptic of all of them is the tower of the heresy , located at the northern end of the peaks of the giants, very close to the lake that is frozen that offers almost null visibility and it plants a surprise of the most dangerous when You are about to leave… luckily it has a trick similar to silver bearing talisman.

Track: “The snow that falls something unnoticed”

Said trick part in this case of a track that can be overlooked if you do not notice it in the rear part of the tower **. The problem is that to access there you will not be able to do it by the traditional way, but from the other end of the mountain. Specifically, from the place of grace you see in the capture above. Go from there until the bridge that is destroyed and that would connect with the Tower of Heresy.

Do not be afraid and advance on the invisible bridge in a straight line , as seen in the first image. Just look at those remains of snow that indicate that there is firm ground under your feet. You will only have to stop about 15 meters before reaching the end, having a detour to the left with stairs.

Look at this other capture so you can see that turn. The snow is still the essential track, although you can help you releasing rainbow stones or arrows of that kind to make sure you can step out without fear. And that you will see enough snow…

As soon as you step on the floor of this tower, the locked door of the bottom will automatically open, in case you want to leave afterwards out there. The fact is that you must upload up, beware of the enemies that will come out to you, to get in your Cofre one of the legendary magic , the powerful Goliath Star Rain . A spell that requires the whopping 52 of intelligence.

And as its name suggests, it frees precisely a rain of stars (in honor of Goliath) in the form of a shower. Consume 32 pc and to equip it requires two nemotechnical slots. If you want to be the best sorcerer, it is also very useful.

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