Is a Knack 3? Immool me quietly, but I would be happy about it

One of the probably unpopular franchises from the Sony portfolio could possibly get a sequel. Because Sony has renewed the Trademark for the Knack series in Japan. Well possible so that the creature consisting of three and polyggencies will receive a third appearance on PlayStation consoles in the future.

Knack does not matter to me

Many will not care, others are already rolling with the eyes. I have seen on the internet headlines like “Whether the world now wants or not” or “please no knack 3” and I can at least understand where that comes from. Because the first two parts were not very well-pretended: Knack 1 appeared to the PS4 launch and looked nice, but was playfully considers. The second part from 2017 was also climbing no high score regions.

But I personally read the message about the Trademark renewal with benevolence. Because I had my fun with cracking. With the first less, that was something too arbitrary for me, but especially the second part had some great ideas, a neat gameplay mix and not least a nice co-op mode. Who wants to know more exactly, just reads my test of then.

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Knack 2 in the test – why not the same?


Tobias Veltin
_Knack was an important game for Tobi insofar as it was the first title he played on the PlayStation 4 and tested. Of course, that was anything but a big litter, but the second part made a lot again.

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A question of expectation

I think: At Knack, it just needs the right expectation. I felt the games as a nice entertainment, which of course no trees tears out, but they can easily get down on a weekend and thus has a good time. Simply what I need at least now and then between all the AAA clutchers. Because that’s exactly what is not cracking.

This is not a radiant exclusive, which demonstrates the technical capabilities of the currently current PlayStation console, but appeals to the casuals. That’s why the cracking parts are also very good for gambler beginners * inside or children making their first steps with games.

And because I have remembered that from Knack 2 right, I would actually look forward to a possible Knack 3. Also, because Sony Japan has made a noticeable step in the right direction from the first to the second game, many of the criticisms of that time were fixed at least in Part 2. Provided a third part would make a similar step, the series would then arrive for me on a really solid level.

Of course, however, it was clear again: The renewal of the trademark can mean everything or nothing. So far, Sony has not announced a new Knack game, which makes everything around a big speculation so far. Should there be no knack 3, it would be for most – and also for me – no world break. But I would never find it a pity if this brand would disappear with potential up completely in the sinking.

How are you? Habt ihr so wie ich Knack (2) gemocht oder nicht?