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Wow: Burning Crusade reader builds Shadowlands

In 2021 we had already presented you a project, which was launched by a few Burning Crusade readers in 2020 and has been constantly being expanded since then. At that time, the website WoW tools turned mainly to Burning Crusade Classic. Among the functions belonged (and belong), for example:

  • A clear armory
  • An arenaPoint calculator
  • An arena leaderboard
  • An indication of the exact value limits for the PVP ranks
  • An overview of the best-in-slot items for the season of the championship

Now horny for Shadowlands fans!

Recently, one of the wise heads wrote to us behind the project to draw attention to the latest update for WoW tools he has worked in recent months. Because now there is a own Shadowlands category in which you find the following functions:

  • An Armory for Shadowlands in which you can see your own characters or other Chars from the EU and US regions. You can see which clothes the character bears which enchantments and jewels he uses and which legendary memories of this sets.
  • A talent matrix, with the selected talents of the character.
  • Information about the chosen moulder and used bonuses.
  • An overview of the character’s PVP ranking and when this last actively played PVP has played.


How this looks in detail can you look at this link via . Soon there will be more updates for the Armory, for example for the mythic plus area. In addition, rank lists for the various arena brackets, for evaluated battlefields, the mythic-plus area and the RAID progress follow. Borrows us in the comments, which you think of the project and whether your website may even use regularly.

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