Peak tip on Netflix: Streams now one of the best movies of recent years

Netflix has now brought himself one of the best movies of recent years, and that is wonderful for a relaxing evening on the weekend! By the way, that’s not just a fantastic movie in the eyes of the relaxing evening editors – he has also won 4 Oscars. Without question also deservedly.

Bohemian Rhapsody is now on Netflix

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Streamed Bohemian Rhapsody now on Netflix.

It is der film about one of the most famous bands ever: Bohemian rhapsody Lets you deep into the life of the infamous frontman of Queen: Freddie Mercury. Behind his incomparable singing hides a difficult, complex life in which he had to deal with his sexuality and the limelight, but finally with his AIDS disease. Freddie Mercury was an icon of the 1970s and 80s – and Queen’s music is still owned by the world.

Even if you are not queen fans, Bohemian Rhapsody is one of the best and most exciting biographies that you should not miss. Alone Rami Malek’s impressive representation of Freddie Mercury is absolutely worth seeing. Bohemian Rhapsody also gained in 2019 Four Oscars , namely for the best main actor (Rami malek), best sound, best clipping and the best cut.

If you missed Bohemian Rhapsody 2018, you can now stream the movie on Netflix. Great recommendation!

Another tip on Disney +: New Marvel Series Moon Knight

Streams the first episode of Moon Knight now on Disney +.

The new Marvel series Moon Knight with Oscar Isaac in the main role is here! In the dark superhero drama, she gets to know Steven Grant, one of the most interesting and complex Marvel heroes. Plagged blackouts and crazy dreams, he does not just have to rings about his psyche, but eventually with an Egyptian deity.

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If you have not looked in yet: Meanwhile, the second season of Bridgeron appeared on Netflix and has conquered the streaming platform in the storm. We also recommend the series Inventing Anna, which is based on the life of one of the most famous scammers in the USA.