League of legends

LOL: A series of colors, the victory of Rainbow 7 with the miraculous revert swift

A series that gave hope and faith for sharks to be able to return home if they could earn two better five this week but first they would have to defeat the Rainbow 7 team that after an almost perfect season ended up in the lower bracket leaving their state in The dubious league.

Beginning Isurus’ first duel against R7, with memories of a series suffered where the rainbow lost against estrus, now he had to show a different face if he wanted to get to the semifinal to meet the pharaohs, looking for the aggressiveness and wear with karma for the rainbow rail and with a kim “Sowhan” Jun-Yeong I had at Kennen at the top were far behind due to gangplank * * DE ADD ** who attended his team and pressed brutally, letting Omar “Gavotto” Gavotto escalada in a convincing way to take the baron that would close the first game.

The second meeting was a skill test because Park “CEPTED” Wi-Rim sought to make an early game with Leblanc allowing him to get enough damage to erase an enemy, however, Seiya’s plans when playing a vex were others, because the tristologist was more useful than the imitating magician, in the jungle Luis “Frostrike” sprinkle would use the paranoia of night to press the map and close his team to take his team to take the Improvement of Baron and close the second game in favor of the shark.

With the sword against the wall, the team of Rainbow 7 should look for the golden dream of winning three games followed to get to the next day, giving it a DRAven in the lower lane for CEO that gave him a trusted boost to the rainbow shooter, taking out an early blood, in the line phase became the nightmare of jelly and gavotto , in a fight for the baron who posed the Isurus team where things turned against and that allowed the multicolored team to close a game that would be their first point of the series

The pressure was above for the Rainbow team, now CEPTED sought aggressiveness with the impersonating magician in the central lane that could destroy Edgar “Seiya” Bracamontes, thanks to the support of a bear that was not stuffed in the Jungle in the hands of Sebastian “Oddie” boy managed to get several plays, things in the lower lane was more solid due to the dupla of CEO and Slow with a combo of Lucian / Nami That destroyed the lower part of the map in his favor achieving a victory in 30 minutes to tie the series.

Is this the end of the shark?

Now things were couples but the face of the sharks was noticed tense because of a 2-0 now I had to look for the third point to win the series and finish in 3-2, playing with Leblanc In the hands of Seiya To achieve early aggressiveness that did not work in the best way, at a critical point where the rainbow shoot would show a tremendous performance with Zeri that in a fight managed A triple murder to finalize the series and get the pass for the next round.

Miracu-League: Episode 7 FINALE - Director's Commentary
A cardiac series that managed to demonstrate the faces of the teams and how they can change at the best of five, despite the defeats followed, the rainbow managed to put this series in favor of preparing mentally for tomorrow against estrus.