Nintendo Switch Sports: New trailer with game scenes and details about multiplayer

One month before the release of Nintendo Switch Sports, we get another view of the successor to the successful Wii Sports series in the Overview Trailer, which celebrated her debut more than 15 years ago. In the video Nintendo once again introduces all sports in detail, which will be available to the launch. These are tennis, bowling, badminton, volleyball, football and chambara. You can compete locally against your friends in various game modes or for the first time in multiplayer mode your talent with the Joy Controller prove.

Nintendo Switch Sports - Overview Trailer - Nintendo Switch
If your online has completed a game, you will be rewarded at the end with points that you can spend in the in-game shop for outfits, accessories and other items to customize your avatar. Every week Nintendo wants to change the offer. In addition, you collect valuable ranking points in multiplayer mode, with whom your steps can rise. Your goal is here to reach the Pro League in every single sport. Nintendo Switch Sports is commercially available from 29 April 2022. In the fall, golf is also added free of charge as a sport with an update.