Pokemon Unite makes fun of the addition of Holowear inspired by spring

Today, pokémon United revealed Azumarill as his next playable character. The Aqua Rabbit looks like the perfect complement for spring, but pokémon United is also causing another season based on the season. The official Twitter account of the game has shared a mysterious silhouette, affirming that the Pokémon in question “is ready for flowers and the sun”. By the advance, it looks like a new design inspired by Easter for Wigglytuff, which would be a very fun addition to the game. A launch window has not been provided, but with holidays less than two weeks, it is likely that it appears soon in the game!

Machamp Adept Style Holowear Fills My Heart - Pokémon Unite

Readers can see the last advancement of Holowear of pokon United on the Tweet embedded below.

Until now, Wigglytuff has already had a handful of holowear options, including a Bedtime style, a frontier style and a bonfire style. The designs of Holowear have provided a fun way for players to give their character an alternative appearance in the game, although many fans are not happy with how expensive they have been. For now, fans will have to wait for the developer Timi Studio Group officially reveal this Holowear design before deciding if it is worth buying it, but it could be a new and exciting addition to Wigglytuff’s main network!

Launched last year, pokémon United has quickly found a large and passionate audience around the world. The MOBA game has accumulated more than 50 million downloads on several platforms and has already begun to establish a solid competitive scene. Timi Studio has done an excellent job by adding more new Pokémon to the game, as well as new Holowear options so that players personalize the Pokémon they choose. It remains to be seen if Pokémon United you can maintain this type of impulse, but it is clear that The Pokemon Company plans to support the game in the future!

_Pokémon United is currently available on Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android devices. You can check our previous game coverage here.

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