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Museum of Masaki-style action “TREK TO YOMI” Delivery decision on May 5. Knowledge action on the stage of Japan drawn with monotone

Devolver Digital announced on April 5th, Flying Wild Hog / Leonard Menchiari, announced that it will deliver “ TREK to YOMI ” to May 5 (STEAM Domestic Delivery on May 6). The corresponding platform is PC (STeam) / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S. It is also provided for the Xbox / PC Game Pass.

“TREK TO YOMI” is an action game that is set to the stage of the enclosure era. The Grand Deijo, a young 侍, is decided to protect his loving village and his loving people, as a vow who attacked a mysterious group and dying. And he will go out on the battleship.

This work is characterized by a camera work and movie production that adopts the visual of the whole film monotone and reminiscent of the out-of-life movie. Proceed with the stage of cutting the scenery of Japan and face the enemy to wait. We will make an enemy with attacks and defenses using swords, and skills that are attacking the opponent’s attack. In addition, there is a search element on the stage, and there is a possibility that you can find flying tools and collection items.

Trek to Yomi - Extended Gameplay Trailer | PS5, PS4
This work is a work that overseas studio is developing, but it is said that the sound is drawn on the stage of Japan, and the voice is recorded in the whole film. The main character’s Deijo was in charge of Kato Shuji, and Hira Hira of his master is in charge of Hiroji, and other than Goto Hiroki-san and Otsuka Hihiro and Otsuka-san.

“TREK TO YOMI” is scheduled to be distributed May 5 for PC (STEAM) / PS4 / PS5 / XBOX ONE / XBOX SERIES X | S (STEAM distributed in Domestic delivery on May 6). It is also provided for the Xbox / PC Game Pass. A 10% discount is applied to the reservation purchase, and it can be purchased for 1845 yen in the case of the PC (STEAM) version.