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Efootball 2022: Version 1.0 is facing the door and should be more realistic than FIFA

The launch of Efootball 2022, the spiritual PES successor in the Free2play garb, is now over half a year. The football simulation started in a state that even put the Launch of the GTA Trilogy in the shadows. Afterwards it was quietly around the game. The big update 1.0, which should actually appear 2021, was postponed for months – in a few days it should finally be published.

  • When will Patch 1.0.0 appear for Efootball 2022? At the 14th. April 2022 **

NEW eFootball 2022 Version 1 CONFIRMED - Here's Everything You Need To Know

That’s in the Efootball 2022 Update 1.0.0

Konami apologizes: “The most realistic football match of all time” wanted to create the team with Efootball 2022. But instead of paying attention to the quality, the focus was too much on the date of publication. Now the game should be turned to the left with the update. There is no list of patch notes, but Konami goes into a blog post into detail. Here are the main points:

  • Defensive: The button layout for defensive actions has been changed to make the defend intuitive. In addition, you can have teammates pressed now and go with the shoulder in two-fighting. Depending on the behavior of the attacker, they offer you different defense options.
  • Passes: You can run the ball now faster, and the speed even increases with a direct acceptance. Similar to FIFA, there are more ways to determine the type and trajectory of the pass. Last but not least, the ball should find the teammate thanks to revised Ki more often.
  • Shots: Also for the shooting, there is more options with the patch to provide variety. Here, speed and realism were adapted.
  • Dribbling: The ball treatment of the kickers was also optimized. Players react faster to your entries, and the ball behaves suitable for their movements.

Further changes relate to new options for matches, such as the adaptation of your list and individual statements to the players, as well as a better online infrastructure to prevent.

The optics has also been improved. So the football game looks like:

And what about new content? They have to continue to wait. Also version 1.0 will only contain nine teams and offer no new modes. The Dream team mode, which will work much like FUT, will soon be launched, more information is not available. Also, how the monetization will be handled in the future remains open.

Which content of Efootball 2022 offers so far, you will learn here:

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First critics praise the new Efootball 2022

There are already first hands-on reports for version 1.0. At Kicker.de, for example, the new offensive and defensive options are very well received. They seem relatively simple in execution and bring significantly more variety into the game.

Overall, Efootball 2022 is really different with the update, even if not all problems have been fixed – for example, it still hooks in the collision query. “Significantly more realism as FIFA” should offer the new version, and that are quite good prospects.

Give your EFOOTBall 2022 with the update a second chance?