How to embark and exit The Grinee Galions in Railjack Missions

While Railjack missions focus on ship ship fighting, you will need to board some enemy vessels to deal with it. Grineer galleys are so big that there is no way your railjack can damage them. There is not even much to do with inside. To deal with these huge threats, you will have to send a commander.

You should try to get closer to them as much as possible in the railjack, then jump into Archwing mode. See you carefully at the waypoint; It’s the entrance to the Galion. You will have to dodge a large number of enemies here, so it is best to make most of the other fights first, and eliminate as many enemy hunters and crewships as possible before going to the Galion.

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When you arrive at the entrance, press “X” to enter. Once inside, the layout is the same as a standard griner mission, follow the waypoint to arrive at the commander and kill them. Now that the job is finished, follow the same route to where you entered. Use your card if you have to do it because, for the moment, no waypoint will complete to show you how to go out.

When you return, you must be careful. Unlike a crew, where you run to the end and press “X” to exit, the place with which you must interact to exit a Galion is a bit inside the ship, and fairly easy to miss. Just be careful when moving in the hallway, and you’ll see it.

When you’re back outside, you can go back to your railjack and help the rest of the crew finish the mission.