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Ocean Survival “Sub-Nortica” series new work development starts

“Subnautica” series Unknown Worlds started recruitment of development staff of title that seems to be the new work of the series from April 8. The studio is a seniana regener designer that builds a new world view of the “Subnautica” universe.

UNKNOWN WORLDS is a studio based in San Francisco, established in 2001. “Subnautica” released in 2018 is. It is an underwater adventure game that explores the seabed using a submarine, while building base bases and survival on the open world marine planet. Immersion feeling to search while having anxiety in the unknown world has won a very high evaluation. In May last year, “Subnautica: Below Zero” has been released as a sequel and he has received high rating. In addition, the studio joins under the umbrella of the developer Krafton in Korea last October. The five studios and shoulders are arranged, including the development source PUBG STUDIOS, etc. of the battle royal game “PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS” (related articles).

The staff recruited by UNKNOWN WORLDS is a seniana regener designer, with the new team of “Subnautica” Universe. Applications are at least one game, and it is necessary to have experience building the world view of the game in large projects. It is necessary to seek a dramatic story that is persuasive with the game experience, and a new science fiction world and a human resource that defines the history and tradition of aliens living there. It seems to be an important role in establishing the direction of the story at the early stage of development. The details of recruitment can be confirmed at the official site.

Development is still an early stage, so this work is a complete sequel to the series, or whether it is a spin-off work is unknown. In addition, UNKNOWN WORLDS has announced that when joining under Krafton’s umbrella, “defining genres” is under development. This may be different from the “Subnautica” new work that is recruiting this time. As a time, early access delivery start within 2022 is scheduled. According to the Overseas Media PC Gamer, it seems that it is likely that it is likely to be a Turn-based SF Strategy game for PC and mobile devices from information such as the application requirements of the 3D environmental artist of the studio and the financial reports of the fiscal 2021 of Krafton. ing.

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In any case, the “Subnautica” series is only won a high reputation, and it is a place where you want to expect great for the next work of UNKNOWN WORLDS. It may not be far from the day that can be played again in a beautiful and horrible deep sea search.