Offiziell: Koeman Löst van Gaal as a national coach AB

Ronald Koeman will train the Dutch national team again after the World Cup.
The 59-year-old will take over the post of Louis van Gaal on January 1, 2023, which had recently announced a prostate cancer disease.
The 70-year-old wants to look after the Elftal at the World Cup finals in Qatar.
Koeman’s contract will be valid until the World Cup 2026, as the Dutch Association announced on Wednesday.
“Just over more than one and a half years ago, I certainly did not leave the Dutch national team from dissatisfaction,” Koeman said in the message.
He had trained the selection from February 2018 to August 2020.

“I am proud that I will take over the role of the National Trainer of the Netherlands after the World Cup,” Koeman said now.

After the World Cup, Koeman will replace Van Gaal as Netherlands coach
He had recently cared for the FC Barcelona, but had to go there.