Rainer Koch offers retreat from the UEFA

Rainer Koch, former 1st Vice President of the DFB, moves personal consequences after the failed re-election into the DFB Presidium. The 63-year-old offers its premature resignation from the Executive Committee of UEFA, for which he was actually elected to the spring of 2025. In addition, on Wednesday, the Bavarian Football Association announced that Koch is no longer candidate for another term as president of the Bavarian Football Association. The largest DFB Landesverband, the chef has been leading for 18 years, chooses a new president at the end of June.

The Career of Koch, who also led to the association burdened by numerous affairs in recent years as an interim president in recent years and was considered a stripping puller, tends to complete the end. He had already announced his decisions for their own data a day after the DFB Bundestag on March 11 UEFA President Aleksander Cefer and the new DFB President Bernd Neuendorf and the BFV Management Board.

I will rewind my personal priorities in the future and return to my job at the turn of the year.

Rainer Koch

“I myself will resume my personal priorities in the future and return to my job at the turn of the year,” says Koch. He last no longer exercised the profession as a judge.

He offered to Ceferin and Neuendorf “immediately after the DFB Bundestag on March 12, to leave the UEFA Executive Committee as soon as a departure from me from this function in the interest of the DFB and its new president and the UEFA is considered appropriate”, Cook explained. He had surprisingly lost in the election to the DFB vice-president on March 11 in Bonn in the election of the DFB vice-president.

UEFA Vice-President resigns

Neuendorf had announced a reassessment of the occupation of UEFA and FIFA posts after the Bundestag. The DFB is currently represented by Peter Peters and Koch: Peters who lost the presidential election against Neuendorf, sitting in the Council of the FIFA and Koch has the post in the UEFA government.