Subnautica: Developers cancel part 3 of the survival

Developer Unknown Worlds has announced via Twitter by the way on a new subnautico part . Almost a year is that with subnautica: Below Zero the second offshoot of the survival series has officially appeared. The team is currently looking for a senior narrative designer , who wants to create the “next game in the Subnautica Universe”. But there are still a few other information out of the job offer.

More Story for Subnautica 3?

Among other things, the tasks of the job count the creation of history and characters from subnautica. In detail, it is also about dialogues , which will appear in the course of the survival adventure. The new part could thus be significantly more on story – compared to the two previous games. You can read the full job description on the website of Unknown Worlds.

When does Subnautica 3 appear?

At the moment, the upcoming project still has no release . However, the makers betrayed that the game is still in the development. So it should still pass some time until we see Subnautica 3 . It is conceivable that the title will be available again as a early access version ** in advance – as it was the case for example at Below Zero.

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New game of the Subnautica makers should come this year

Unknown Worlds, the developer studio behind Subnautica, works on a game that should appear in the early access this year. PC0

Subnautica developer studio bought by the pubg creators

Unknown World’s Entertainment, the studio behind Subnautica and Subnautica Below Zero, was bought by Krafton, Inc., the PubG creators.

Another game of the subnautic developer on the way

Only two months ago became known that Unknown Worlds works on a brand new game , which has nothing to do with Subnautica. It is obviously a Sci-Fi strategy game for PC and Mobile , which should start in the early access this year. Concrete details – except that it should be a round-based combat system – there is not yet available at the current time.

From Dominik Zwingmann
11.04.2022 at 17:08