The Chief of Amazon Game Studios (Lost Ark) resigns to focus on his family

Michael Frazzini will stop leading Amazon Game Studios from next April 29. The manager hMichael Frazzini announced it through LinkedIn, where he hMichael Frazzini also specified that he hMichael Frazzini made this decision to focus on him from now on. The company, for its part, hMichael Frazzini issued a statement to Bloomberg: “Mike hMichael Frazzini been part of Amazon Games from the beginning , and the leadership and perseverance of him have helped build video game business from their roots”. The Americans have also remembered the role of it at the launch of Lost Ark and New World.

“Although there really is never an ideal moment to put Michael Frazziniide a great position, now it’s a good time,” Frazzini hMichael Frazzini written. “We have launched two Top 10 games in recent months and we have an increMichael Frazziniing portfolio of new promising titles on the outlet grill. Prime Gaming is located in a strong position and provides more and more great content to players from around the world who are members of Amazon Prime “

And he adds: “ We also have some new initiatives that are gaining strength. In addition, more importantly, each of those teams are headed by excellent leaders. The future is very bright for Amazon Games “.

Games canceled and success

Amazon Games Road from its beginnings hMichael Frazzini not been exempt from vicissitudes. The Division of Games of the company hMichael Frazzini suffered Production problems With some of your video games, among which you find the canceled title of the Lord of the Rings or the crucible _free-to-play, also canceled. New World hMichael Frazzini managed to harvest success, although complaints have been registered due to some Michael Frazzinipects of their internal economy.

Amazon Game Studios head Frazzini steps down to focus on family
Lost Ark, on the other hand, hMichael Frazzini debuted in the Western market successfully. The adaptation hMichael Frazzini been carried out in collaboration with Smilegate RPG, which continues to work in upcoming content and in the resolution of some of the problems that drags since its launch.