Kirby and the forgotten Land & Switch Sports win: Nintendo Easter

Every year, the Osterhas comes down to the earth and puts eggs into the grass – or something like that. As it belongs to a supernatural hopper, he definitely matched for Easter gifts. And we also contribute our Scherflein to our Scherflein, so that their empire exceeds the Easter.

Because there is something to win ! In cooperation with Nintendo we lace for two lucky winners a game fun package for the Nintendo Switch . For our great Nintendo Easter winnings, there is a Kunterbuntes game duo consisting of Kirby and the forgotten country and Nintendo Switch Sports !

There is to win – Nintendo Easter Raffle

Summarized again – you can win that at our Nintendo Easter Raffle:

  • 2 x Kirby and the forgotten land + Nintendo Switch Sports

About Kirby and the forgotten country

Kirby and the forgotten country is the latest part of the traditional Nintendo bouncy play series and the first pure 3D game of pink sympathy ball. The cuddly pink chunks undergoes it into a mysterious dimension in which he beats and cuddly with varied levels, sucks and cuddly on the side of Bandana Waddle Dee, which can be controlled by a coop partner!

In addition to jumping around, the establishment of a separate village on the plan, where all the Waddle Dees can be found, the Kirby freed. Here he can also improve his skills to complete mini-games like fishing and much more! In our test to Kirby and the forgotten land we gave a rating of 9/10 points and thus a particularly cuddly hit award to the adventure.

About Nintendo Switch Sports

The Nintendo Wii celebrates its 16th birthday this year. Do you feel old now? No? Well, then that may be because then that at the time the console enclosed Wii Sports, you named your body and hit a snippet of age, your enviable people. Or are you even younger than the game? Yes, thank you, too, now we feel twice old!

Whatever it is, with Nintendo Switch Sports will be released very soon, namely on April 29, the successor to the Nintendo Switch! Or the remake, the Nintendo Switch Sports is based on the first Wii Sports, extended, changed and improves it at all corners and ends. An online multiplayer mode will of course be on board. We just had the opportunity to play in a fast final version of the switch sports fun – Lest all in our preview .

So you take part in the raffle

To attend our Easter raffle and get a chance to win Kirby and the Forgotten Land Plus Nintendo Switch Sports, you just have to answer the following question :

Sweepstakes loads…

Kirby en de Vergeten Wereld – Overzichtstrailer (Nintendo Switch)
Closing date For the raffle 18. April 2022 at 23.59 . The two winners are randomly drawn from all participants with the correct answer and notified by mail. The mail addresses will be deleted after completion of the raffle and used only for the raffle. We wish good luck!

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