Meta expanded Metaverse “Horizon Worlds” The sales fee for Virtual Items is 47.5%. About half the creator receives

Meta (formerly Facebook) announced on April 11, to start testing new tools for creators in the Metaverse “Horizon Worlds” developed by the company. First of all, a small number of selected creators will be targeted, and it is possible to sell the created virtual items in Horizon Worlds. It seems that the sales fees at that time will be 47.5%, and it seems to have attracted attention. Overseas Media Business Insider etc. reports.

Horizon Worlds is a metaberse that META expands. From last December, the service started prior to the United States and Canada. Users experience through their avatars using VR headset Meta Quest 2 and the like. In virtual space, you can interact with other users with different users, and it is also possible to create your own world. As of February this year, more than 10,000 worlds have already been created and published.

In the test started this time, the creator participating in Horizon Worlds will be able to sell your own virtual items in your own world (not purchased under 18 years old). Examples of items include fashion items such as accessories for avatars and keys that allow access to specific areas in the world.

On the other hand, in the presentation, there is no specific mention of the fee in the item sales. So I confirmed the previous BUSINESS INSIDER in META’s public relations, and it seems that it became clear to reach up to 47.5%. In terms of breakdown, the Meta Quest store will collect 30% of the item sale, and the platform Horizon Worlds is a platform for the remaining amount 25% (17.5% of the sales amount). For example, if you sell an item of 1000 yen, the amount you can receive is a calculation of approximately 525 yen for about half.

Meta to charge up to 47.5% in fees for metaverse sales

Meta’s Ceo Mark Zuckerberg once, and commented that the creator is difficult to earn earnings about what Apple sets the APP Store fee to 30%. When Meta builds metabarth, creators were working to get more profitable. The fee setting of 47.5% of Horizon Worlds, which became revealed, is pointed out that it may be too high against such remarks.

META indicates the intention of deploying Horizon Worlds on a platform other than Meta Quest in the future. Also in this case, the fee will be collected as Horizon Worlds as well as Horizon Worlds to ensure earnings. Depending on the platform to be deployed, it may be less than 47.5%, but as a result, high fees are placed on creators.

However, according to the Meta Horizon Worlds Vice President Vivek Sharma, in this market, it seems to be a very competitive fee (The Verge). Such remarks may be aware of competitors such as “ROBLOX”. Through this test, about such commission settings, however the creator shows what the creator shows what reaction, and the META will not be focused on it.