Overwatch 2 release? New Hero Convenience Story Video

The exact setting of the new character prevalence appeared in Overwatch 2 was finally released. It is exactly two years after eco appearance.

-NEW HERO- Sojourn Origin Story & Lore Analysis! (Overwatch 2)

Blizzard released the background story video of the new hero ‘Bieline’ to be added to Overwatch 2 on the 14th, Overwatch Official YouTube Channel. The video is held in a manner that will attend the hearing of the International Legal Committee and answer the question of the drug. The real name of the first time was the Overwatch Commander Agency as the ‘Vivienne Chase’. He joined Overwatch based on the experience of the Omnish in Canadian special troops: 76. He has been active in the front and working on the field and operations, and honors what was served in overwatch.

A good look at the video, it seems that many parts of his body are replaced by the body, and they have been replaced with the situation in the situation and participated in combat. At the end of the video, I take care of their equipment to take a motorcycle to take a motorcycle to join Winston’s call. At this time, it is assumed that the eye is blue, and it is assumed that the eyeball is blue.

The birth is the first hero added through Overwatch 2 as it was predicted 2 years ago. As Overwatch 2 launches, the appearance of the first time was delayed, and thanks to the 31th hero, the 31st heroe has emerged in the game that has appeared on the game this server. Previously, the overwatch character background story The image of the character is unrapped in the first time when the character was released at the time when the image was released at the time, it is interpreted that the release of Overwatch 2 is not really left.

Overwatch 2 proceeds the first PVP test over the 27th PC. The player is a new battlefield with the first time in the test, new mode ‘push’. You can experience the changed hero.