Kings Raid Tier List for the 10 best PVE and PVP heroes

Welcome to our list of King’s raid levels for the top 10 PVE and PVP heroes. The heroes of the list are classified in alphabetical order, depending on their overall performance at the end of the party with their respective weapons. So, let’s start!

King’s Raid in the list of the 10 best heroes JCE


The artemia light pillar is an excellent option against a dangerous and isolated opponent because it strikes strong and reduces attacks of 20% for 10 seconds, which is a long duration. Critical intensity has the same power, but with increased critical damage, and targets all enemies in front of the spell launcher, in a straight line. The judgment of Light strikes all enemies 3 times, inflicts huge damage and stun for 5 seconds. The disadvantage of this skill is a very long 20 second recharge time, but it is reduced by 30% for each enemy killed with the light judgment. Therefore, more numerous are the dead enemies for this skill, the more it can be reused quickly. Bursing of Light will passively increase his attack, while increasing his damage and reducing the damage received in PVE mode, stacking hurting light. Artemia is one of the best heroes JCE and earned his place in our King’s Raid Tier.


Fire Needle is its mono-target solid power attack that also helps it to recover from Mana. Fire ball produces a solid AOE and a paralyzing effect, but its true power lies in Fire Rain that destroys all enemies on the screen, with the possibility of inflicting more critical damage. Overall, Cleo will work very well against large groups of enemies, turning them into dust with his powerful fire out of fire, which is worth a place in our list of the top 10 raids of King’s Raid.


Erze is one of the best assassins, capable of hitting several opponents, while herself herself with Sweet Blood and Soaking Blood. Sweet Blood is a solid AOE skill, which can be used quite often because it has a very short charging time and works better against a group when you can hit 5 opponents or more, because it gives a double call instantly to second use. of this competence. Sweet Blood will also treat ERze 10% of the damage suffered, thus improving its survival capacity. You can use Soaking Blood to treat ERze if its PV starts to fall. However, it is wise to use this skill as soon as possible because healing activates 5 seconds after its launch. The release of blood is another solid capacity of the area of effect and can be used to remove the effects of CC, while Life Drinker reinforces its attack and its PV with each enemy killed. In short, Ereza will shine against large crowds of weaker enemies and will not be as effective against one or two powerful opponents. Nevertheless, it makes ereza one of the best anti-mob PVE heroes, and that is why it appears on our list pairs.


The miraculous light can heal an ally whose PV are the weakest, probably saving them from death, but more importantly, it can quickly protect the entire Birding of Light team, while giving them immunity against CC. Heaven’s Vengeance is his main offensive tool. Indeed, it strikes hard, blind and amplifies the damage inflicted by targets at 25%. In addition to that, the goddess Grace can save a member of the team in difficulty and all this is worth a place in our list of levels.


Its first skill has a solid DPS, it strikes the enemies 7 times, each striking increasing the damage of 4% – which is particularly useful in PVE because of the extra bonus. The second and third capacities strike all nearby enemies while stunning, stinging or dissipating the negative effects of allies. Pride of Imperial Knights Increases the attack of all allies, which is extremely useful, especially in PVE, because it also gives a 10% bonus at a time to the damage and reduction of damage. Glenwys is one of King’s Raid’s most versatile heroes. She is one of the best choices for the PVE and deserves to appear on this list, even if it is not so great in PvP.


Best Deh removes the negative effects on all allies, heals and increases their defenses. On the other hand, Power UP will give a protective shield, a CC immunity and a mana orb to the team member whose HP is the lowest, eventually saved the death. Cook from Hell will heal and eliminate Juno, and will also change Best Dish and Power Up to adopt more offensive spell versions designed to harm their enemies, rather than helping its allies. The ability to be excellent team support or reduce enemies, depending on the situation, allows Juno to appear on our level list.


NERAXIS is one of the best magic reservoirs. It is very versatile, having both offensive and defensive skills. Black Lightning Claw is a very good control of the crowd, because it stuns the enemies for 3 seconds and slows down their speed of attack for 10 seconds, thus improving the survival capacity of your team. Obsidian Roar benefits the entire team by improving the attack and the defense, while hurting the opponents and weakening their offensive abilities. Breath of destruction is solid for the offensive because it strikes strong, dwells and reduces their m.def, but the disadvantage is the high cost and the long time of recharge. Black Dragon Hide makes Neraraxis one of King’s Raid’s most difficult characters and is worth a place in our list.


Phillop can knock the enemies with collision and knock them with Head Butt while reducing their attack speed, making it a solid option for crowd control. Even more impressive is its incarnate Earth that carries it up 15% and improves its two defenses. Destroy Armor does exactly what you expect: to reduce P.Def of each enemy affected by Phillop, increasing the value of P.dam from the rest of the team against this target and allowing him to appear in our list of the 10 best heroes.


Theo can both dps and cc. The final crash strikes the opponents hard enough and, more importantly, can considerably increase Theo’s critical damage. However, its DPS (and its dizziness) depends on RNG because it comes largely from the for Jane liabilities that has 20% chance to activate each automatic attack. GOD OF LIGHTNING increases this probability of 40% extra while amplifying Mr.Dam taken by the opponents of 50%. Although it is a little dependent on RNG, we think Theo deserves a place in our King’s Raid.


Zafir can use Judgment of the Desert to hit several opponents and mitigate his critical damage until 18 times. The spamming of this skill is a good idea. Blessing of the spirit of the sand will create a shield around the ally whose PV is weak, while you can get more desert stacks simply using the automatic attack because of the caretaker’s call. Its third skill, Mark of Desert, can help the entire team as it reduces the enemy for 10 seconds. Overall, Zafir is a very good AOE DPS hero which excels in larger groups, weakens his defense, protects one of his allies and holds a legitimate place in our “King’s Raid Tier”.

King's Raid Tier List?? nah!!!, My personal picks Physical DPS

King’s Raid in the list of the 10 best heroes JCJ


Cecilia can absolutely destroy an enemy in the background line by stunning and inflicting huge damage with its capacity in 3 Phases Oughta The Way! -> crushing kick -> Tempest kick! Infinite potential strikes all nearby enemies and the girls for 3 seconds while increasing his attack speed and his attack for 15 seconds – higher leading bonus in PVE. The third skill of Cecilia strikes very much in two stages, while falling down and stunning enemies. Innate talent increases its defense and, more importantly, its critical rate, passively improving the Cecilia DPS. This hero can inflict a serious punishment with critical shots and deserves a place in our list of levels.


The first capacity of Dosarta increases the resistance of all Allies to the CC and can considerably disrupt the enemy team by blocking their Mana regeneration for 3 seconds and by increasing their vulnerability to magic damage. It can also remove all negative effects and improve the team of team members with on guard! Its third capacity is excellent against unique targets and will also bring together enemies in one place. With her liabilities, she can last longer in combat and spam skills, which is worth a place among the top 10 heroes in our King raid list.


Storm skill is an ability to direct damage that strikes the main target and all nearby enemies three times. Flusts is great against enemies with a high magic attack because its instantaneous step can silence them, increasing its reduction in damage and marking the target. If this is not enough to finish the boring speaker, the Bloody Petals competence is there to complete the job. Flusts also has Spell Cutter passive to immediately knock all those who hit him with Mr.Dam, while allowing him to dodge this type of attack for several seconds. For obvious reasons, Fluss deserves a place in the top 10 of the King’s Raid’s winners.


Cut The Ground takes advantage of the entire team because it deactivates opponents while amplifying p.dam they take. Shreding Creed is useful in PVP and PVP because it removes negative effects, grants temporary CC immunity and reduces damage suffered. Knight’s Creed is its main offensive skill that can destroy several enemies. The Last Gatekeeper offers a passive attack debuff and all this versatility is worth a place in our list of King’s Raid.


Path of Beds is an excellent support against the physical damage team because it looks after 4 allies and increases their p.def by 20% for 7 seconds. Lucias can create a zone of faith around him, who treats, heals and cleans the allies of zone while inflicting damage and stunning the enemies, making this skill an excellent marker for blinders or divers who try to murder Your bottom line… or at least it would be if not for the extremely high cost in Mana. Stigmata improves the party’s attack by increasing the attack and amplifying P.Dam taken by the target. Saint Sacrifice will enhance healing and defensive after the launch of the blessing path and the zone of faith, but at the price of 20% of the launcher’s PVs. Lucias is a great hero of support against physical teams and we think it deserves a place in the top 10 of the best ranks of PVP heroes.


Mirian Target Target Lock on Targets and Attack Three Times Plus with a minimum of M.Def, inflicting target locking for 10 seconds and reducing M.Block’s rate of 500. Target eliminated liabilities eliminates inflicted damage to the enemy under the influence of the target. Lock on, allowing him to quickly burst the enemy. After that, it could use murder to eliminate an enemy whose level of health is low, automatically activate restrict and protect and protect one of your allies. Mirianne can quickly murder the enemy with the lowest M. def, which allows him to be classified in the list of our RAID of the king.


His first skill will hit all the members of the opposing team and repels them. However, Roll over will affect all frontal enemies three times, stunning them with each typing and refusing them the opportunity to take revenge, making it the most important talent. Miruru’s Pirates is its AOE, high P.Dam skill, which also slows down the enemy’s speed of attack for 10 seconds. Overall, Miruru has a solid DPS and CC Hero and deserves a place in our level list.


Rephy, with Healing Soul, can help the group by providing a strong amount of almost constant care (which can not be dissipated), while its other support capacity, salvation, can clean the whole group and provide a magical defense. Slourish is both offensive and defensive. Indeed, it strikes the enemies 10 times, but also reduces their attack speed, which improves the survival capacity of the team. In addition, the spiritual agreement will cure the ally with the lowest HP (every 7 s) by granting it also a mana orb, and all this makes Rephy one of the best supporters to keep party members Along living and gives him a place within our king. RAID TIER LIST.


The tears of Mr. Python can really disrupt the opponent’s game plan, since he struck two targets, deactivating Mana’s recovery and amplifying the damage to 4.5 s. This can not be dissipated and prevents two heroes from using their capabilities, even for such a short time., can be huge pvp. Screchy Grass Extract is a solid Debuff that can work very well against the team that bursts in arene, reducing its chances of critical blow and its attacks. Its third skill is very useful in prolonged battles, because it doubles the effect of the first and passive, also increasing the number of their targets of 1. The low cost of Mr. Python of Requina can be used to obtain easily the ‘Advantage at the beginning of the match, and it gives it a place on our list of the King’s raid.


The first two skills of Sonia can disrupt the enemy team by constantly stunning while improving his own attack and his own defense. Electric explosion is its nuclear competence that stunned (a big surprise here) all the enemies for 5 seconds, which represents a lot of time in a fast battle. A shock can significantly increase the effectiveness of its other skills, making it one of the best heroes in our list.

I hope you enjoyed our list of King’s raid levels for the top 10 PKE and PVP heroes! Do not hesitate to post a comment because we greatly appreciate all the comments of all our readers.