Developers game advertising opens Xbox,

Does MS bring more free game developers with an introduction of an app ad?

Business Insiders reported a program that makes MS to advertise in Xbox games for a 16-day disorder of 16 days in a local perspective. The advertisement in the game is made of a method of posting a bulletin plate rendered on the racing game in the racing game.

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The work that includes real advertisements in the sports game has been made first through EA. In the last 2020, EA has been updated to expose real ads when switching to UFC4, which is a martial arts game. However, many users rebounded that the advertisement was forced in the game directly to purchased and EA eventually deleted advertising after apology.

In addition, _ MS steadily introducing advertisement factors in Windows Explorer or Card Games: . However, this adoption of Microsoft’s advertising is that the EA or Windows is different from that of Windows is only available for free games.

In fact, the Business Insider said that the MS has prioritized its advertising income to the advertising platform and game developers. The real goal of MS is not a revenue through ads, but it is to obtain a strong development partner that creates a product that can create an environment where free game developers can play on Xbox.

This story is not awkward because MS is taking a heat to create a game partner while taking the damages of the right now. Xbox led the Indie Developer Support Program for the last nine years over the past nine years (about $ 372 billion) for the last 9 years (about 3.72 billion won). In addition, it is a separate indie game showcase periodically and is actively moving to a number of game acquisitions.

On the other hand, last December, AT & T has announced that its digital advertising platform subsidiary Zander (XANDR) is sold to MS. Many professionals in the Zander acquisition have a large CTV device, even in the MS, even though they have a large CTV device called XBOX, we did not reveal the strengths in the marketing area in the United States, and the Zander will make MS strength to MS.

MS is not added to Xbox, and it is expected that programmaking and consultation with advertising technicians will continue until 3Q. However, the Business Insider said that it is concerned about the opposition of users to add ads to the console game, separately from the purpose of advertising adoption, and said that some brands want to create ads from lines that are not interrupted by the user experience.

Meanwhile, MS has been known to be not to use MS Bing and its programs through MS Bing and its programs.