Todays Wordle Answer No. 303: Notes for Monday, April 18th

Now, since we have day 300 behind us, these Wordle strips are definitely something we can be proud of. Each word to guess, our brain made only sharper, but for some we need a slightly larger thrust in the right direction. Here are hints and today’s answer for Wordle 303 (Monday, 18 April).

Notes for Wordle April 18th

Here are some hints that you have in the right direction for today’s answer:

  • This word starts with a consonant Digraphen (example: “FL”).
  • This word contains 2 vowels in a row.

Wordle - Answer Today #302 : 17 April 2022
* This word is a noun.
* This word can be defined so that it is striking, stylish or is sent in something.
* For Redditors: This word is used to detect certain topics in a subreddit.
* This word is a homophon of another word.

Hopefully these hints can point them in the right direction without betraying the solution directly.

Today’s Wordle 303 Answer

For those who still can not understand the word for day 303, you can see below what the word is.

The answer to the Wordle of April 18th is flair .

How does Wordle work?

Wordle is a daily wordtrace game available on the New York Times website. They have six attempts to guess the word of the day. Each word must contain 5 letters. No more and no less.

After you guess your words, the game determines how close you are the actual word by excluding the right letters. A letter in a green box indicates that you guessed the right letter in the right place. A letter in a yellow box means that you got the right letter, but it stands on the wrong position for the right word. A gray box means that the letter does not exist in the daily word.

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You can not insert any arbitrary gutters into the boxes to exclude the right and incorrect letter positioning. Every word that is inserted into these sections must actually exist.

You can play Wordle now on any web browser, whether you are on a PC or smartphone.

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