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How to get the Alkonost

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Final Fantasy XIV offers a wide range of new installers after today’s publication of Patch 6.1, so that players can enjoy everything that has to offer. Of course, there are new MSQ quests where you can enjoy, so you might first focus on it, but to know where you get the mounts will be great advantage for you, if you are looking for. One of the new brackets that you can get is the Alkonost holder, and this guide is guided by the process as you get the Alkonost holder FFXIV.

How to get the FFXIV-Alkonost mount

FFXIV: Alkonost Mount

To get the remedy, you need to acquire three magnificent feathers that you can exchange with a dealer. The feathers you need can be found in a way by completing “Weathered Kumbhiraskin Technology Cards”, so make sure they get them completely to get the springs they need. There is a possibility that you are a last reward for access to the treasure chest. After you have received three Resplendent Feathers, you can travel to Radz-At-Han to start searching for the dealer.

The name of the provider is “Nesvaaz” and you will find it at the coordinates X: 10.6 and Y: 10.1. When you search the items, you will find the “Alkonost whistle” and “swap” / Buy it with the feathers you have collected. Use the whistle from your inventory and you now have the luminous Alkonost riding! Now you can climb into the air with a new render in a fashionable way and of course show it in certain PVP modes if you prefer. Unfortunately, ribs can not be used in the new Crystalline Conflict mode if they intend to do this. This is probably due to the size of the cards and the goals of the mode!

_ FINAL FANTASY XIV _ is now available for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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