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Skyrim: Fan exposes the heartless NPC

Silent water are deep – this rule also applies to Skyrim. A player could now stab one of the cruelest NPCs on fresh act. However, remorse does not show the perpetrators.

Skyrim: Players discover true villain

The NPCs are probably one of the biggest strengths of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. Although there is much too few of them (in all of the sky, maybe 200 people live), but for that they only paused for personality . The reddit user Hoge_Best_World_Hero has now discovered that the Zweitreuhner Ysola also has a dark side.

Admittedly, the player himself does not really have a white vest. His video starts after all that he chases an arrow in the landlady of the fittings Morche. Ysola, however, wastes no time to mobilize the death **. She runs immediately behind the counter and starts a few seconds later to share drinks. That’s freezing cold.

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Skyrim: Ysola is plan b for the shops in white

Ysola has big ambitions. The player usually meets them on the marketplace of white-skating, where they dream of one day to take over the fittings Muet . Apparently she has little patience and takes the chance to take over as soon as she gets her.

The dealer is also the plan B for two more shops in the city. If Belethor or Anoriath once again bless the temporal time during the game, Ysolda jumps immediately. A clever way for Bethesda to keep open important businesses such as the grocery store if your owners meet once a dragon or a bloodthirst dragon blood. But it also has the positive side effect that even unimportant NPCs, with which no big quest is connected, thus get a personality.