Webzen union May 2 strike notice … I can not stand a consistent

[INTERNATIONAL “The first strike on the game industry, Kim Tae Young,”

On the 18th, the National Chemical Fiber Food Industry Labor Union IT Committee and the WebJenji Association urged Kim Tae Young Webzen representative to communicate with the union in the press conference in the website of the websmanship of the website held in front of the Pangyo Webzen office. On May 2, I also had a strike.

As of the IT enterprise, Webzen is unique, which is the only because the website is unique, which is because the representative of the responsible person was passive to the conversation with the union.

According to the WebJenji, Kim said that Kim did not reveal after the first stage of entertainment last year. After the establishment of unions last year, I signed a group agreement at the end of the course after the establishment of unions, and the negotiations of this year were the first wage impression request.

Park Young-joon Flag Food Nozo Water Joo Jae-yang said, “Webzen workers are disadvantageous to the tricks of the average wage,” “said,” The average wage is only to executive and senior executives of the executives and senior executives, I could not be referenced to the unfairness of packing like a rose, and I gathered it in this place. “

He said, “President Kim Tae Young said,” I am very sincerely listening to my workers and heard the sounds of workers directly on the negotiation table. “

The WebJenji said that it was a unilateral claim that the union left the negotiation table is also a unilateral claim, and at the same time,

According to the Senior Phil Web Josen Senior Situation, the WebJenji Association has done a negotiation in the third year from December to February of this year, It is an explanation that it has been inevitable to declare the abrasion.

“We have never been to the agreement through labor-management dialogue, but we have not been able to talk properly in Webzen,” said Jangjang-wook-kook, Wae Seung-wook, “The company, which is a profitable website, which is more profitable than Webzen.

“The Kaka Meeting, agreed with 8 affiliates and negotiations, agreed in 7, and we have been in the entire IT Committee, but they are in a fully enhanced bargaining, but Webzen is unique.” There were a large number of profits, which is a large number of profits, but not with a high impression rate, “

The WebJenji will open the rallies that announce the strike on May 2 on May 2. The game industry is the first strike, so it can be wavelength throughout the industry, and it is noteworthy that the ears of the success is noticed. The branch is also a cautious position. It is a plan to proceed in a direction to minimize the disadvantage of the company considering the development schedule, considering the development schedule.

“I think it’s striking to the company as it is, but the struggle will end up with a victory, and if the company has more talented games, it will be a better game.”

“The members of the members do not have to make a work space as a strike,” said, “This is a company that has a company that has been a company that has a troublesome.” He said, “The remaining decisions are not the decision of the others,” he said.

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There is a will to be conversation, and the negotiation is also continuing to continue. However, Webzen said, “The union who declared the fault first will return to the table,” he said, “It is also a conversation proposal and continues to be in contact, which is the same.” “We will do our best to develop new developments or game services in a strike,” he added.