Nintendo employees accuse the company of ill-treatment work

A couple of days ago an accusation against Nintendo of America emerged, where it is noted that the company did not respected a union law of the United States. Now, this has triggered in an investigation that reveals serious problems with the employees of this company , thus breaking the illusion that many surely had.

According to a report of Kotaku, where they interviewed 10 employees, most of anonymity, it has been mentioned that the work situation is far from being indicated, especially for those under contracts for half a time. Here it is mentioned that workers have signed mandatory 11-month contracts , with two months of obligatory rest, with what they get full-time tasks, but without the benefits here.

Once again, the testers and quality control equipment are the most affected. Some employees have pointed out that their salary is $ 16 dollars an hour , a minor amount compared to other companies in Seattle, where Nintendo of America is located. One of the people who gave her name is Jelena Džamonja, who has worked for five years through this series of part-time contracts by the Parker Staffing agency.

This employee began as Tester at the Nintendo offices, and eventually managed to obtain more responsibilities, such as the supervision of other professionals in the sector of it. However, in all this time, she has never been fully ascended. This was what she commented:

“There are a lot of talented people who find the biggest bugs that they would scare the players. They find them, report them, and then they do not accredit them. It hurts your pride because you contribute to those games and their quality, reasons why the players always come back.

They want to control you as if you were [a worker] full time, but do not deal as if you were. You can work with someone for 20 years and not be invited to business food

If I was full, I would stay in that job forever. I feel that I touched a glass roof where my opinion no longer mattered. “

In this same sense, Džamonja talks about an occasion where she slipped on the ice, and she suffered from a contusion, but she could not be answered by the Nintendo of America hospital, since she is not a full-time employee. This type of comments are not only shared by part-time employees, but also those full time are not quite happy . This was what a worker who remained anonymous:

Nintendo (Allegedly) Treats Their Employees Like Garbage

“The general feeling is that you will be punished for being frank at all levels. They know that they can get rid of the problems because they have a queue of people who want to be hired there. “

Džamonja has mentioned that the situation that is lived in Nintendo of America is tense, and No one is willing to talk about the work problems openly . Recall that several demands, unionization, and poor perception were needed for the public for Activision Blizzard to change its work practices.

At the moment there is no response from Nintendo regarding this report. We hope that this is the alert you need the company to change the way you treat your employees . Considering the situation that other companies are living, this could be enough to stain the image of Nintendo.

On related topics, you can learn more about the work demand against Nintendo here. In the same way, this was the company’s response about it.

Editor’s note:

It is clear that working in one of the big videogame companies is a problem more than a dream fulfilled. In recent years, we have heard cases of abuse, crunch and toxic behaviors, and it seems that all high-level companies have some of this.