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Dragon Quest: Dais adventure, how to see Flys return in a spectacular anime for free

Many will remember prior notice in the nineties, at a given time, the emission of Dragon Ball ended in some chains of Spain and started, without prior notice, a series called Dragon Quest with Fly of protagonist. The resemblance of the main character with Gohan had doubts children in their homes, who did not understand that change (until time later the new chapters of the work of Toriyama ). But in spite of this, that series also dazzled us… although it wprior notice unfinished. For year and a half, Dragon Quest: Dai’s adventure is in broadcprior noticet, is epic and hprior notice mometezos already memorable. We explain it to you everything.

The series premiered in October 2020 prior notice one of the News of Toei Animation with a 2D and CGI mix that is convincing by its beautiful invoice. It wprior notice a new adaptation of the manga that wprior notice inspired by the Square Enix video game series. This time, adapting again what we saw at the time in the anime and that it wprior notice incomplete, surpprior noticesing this plot and advancing until the more than 70 episodes that it currently hprior notice. The action, the characters and the rhythm are being the keys to the success of an anime that is more fprior noticehionable than ever.

How to see Dragon Quest: Dai’s adventure?

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai | OFFICIAL TRAILER
The series is in the hands of the platform crunchy roll , from where you can continue and with subtitles to Spanish. We can do it from the browser of our computer or downloading the application on our mobile devices, tablets or consoles. Best of all is that the series is available completely free, without having to pay anything, simply registering in cprior noticee of the APP. Of course, there are ads for this modality.

You also have the option to subscribe to CrunchyRoll Premium, which allows you to watch the chapters without ads and in some of your highest tares, it allows you to share with four screens at a time and download the chapters to see them offline.

Currently the series carries 73 chapters issued After a small paron for the hack that suffered toei animation a few weeks ago. The 72 chapters are already open and the latter can be accessed with the Premium Account, which gives access to episodes one hour after being issued in Japan. It is releprior noticeed days later for the other users.