Laction-RPG Asterigos : Curse of the Stars file chez tinyBuild

The little Greco-Roman charm released by Asterigos: Curser of the stars and his heroine with emerald eyes did not go unnoticed at Tinybuild, who took under his wing this action-RPG acting as the first game for the Taiwanese studio Acme Gamestudio. With hope, perhaps, to hold the next Kena: Bridge of Spirits?

Asterigos: Curse of the Stars - Gameplay trailer
Now aiming for an output this fall on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC, Asterigos takes place in the city of Appels, imposing cited invaded by mythological creatures that it returns to the brave Hilda of Dumping. A complete arsenal: a sword and a shield for the balance between attack and defense, daggers for agility, a spear for precision, a hammer to break the defenses, a magic stick to stay at Distance or magic bracelets to play with fire. The system will equip two weapons and switch from one to another easily in full fight.

In addition to a strong common bestiary of 60 monsters, no less than 22 bosses will be on the way to Hilda, who will have the opportunity to explore secondary quests and to share his thoughts with the player through his personal newspaper. will update with sketches and observations. To motivate explorers, aphs and surroundings are home to a hundred collectible objects. And if Hilda passes next to something, a New Game + mode is already announced.


Asterigos: Curny of the Stars – Gameplay Trailer