BIC 2022

Busan City (Mayor Park Hyung -jun), Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency (Director Chung Moon -seop), and Busan Indie Connect Festival Organizing Committee (Chairman Seo Tae -gun, BIC Organizing Committee) said, Festival 2022) announced that it will proceed with the application for general exhibitions.

The BIC Organizing Committee said in a briefing session in March that the BIC Festival 2022 will be held at the Busan Port International Convention Center (BPEX) from September 1st to 4th. The online exhibition will be extended until the 30th this year, following the previous year.

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The general division of ‘BIC Festival 2022’ began on April 25, and anyone developer can apply through the official website. The final indie game developer will be given the opportunity to participate in the BIC Festival 2022 exhibition.

The reception of Connect Pick, which is determined by the rookie division for students and unemployed and the public voting, begins in May and June. In particular, the newly emerged Connect Pick this year will add various BIC exhibitions and games that are one year after its launch.

The BIC Festival, which aims to discover and foster outstanding indie games at home and abroad, support global advancement, and create a mature indie game culture, is the first international indie game event in 2015. It was established. In particular, ‘BIC Festival 2022’ will be decorated for the first time since Corona 19, and it is expected to be decorated as a festival where general visitors and overseas exhibitors are gathered to solve the disappointment.

In addition, as an early sponsor, studio Kingdom, Nicalis, Pearl Bis, Yahaha Studios, Epic Games Korea, Xbox, Exola, Smilegate Stove Indie, One Store, Unity, and Naver Jet decided to participate and support indie game developers to support indie game developers. It was revealed.

Seo Tae -gun, chairman of the Busan Indie Connect Festival, said, “BIC Festival 2022 is scheduled to return to the same offline exhibition as before corona. “We will make sure we will be the best festival to meet.”

Chung Moon -seop, director of the Busan Information Industry Agency, said, “We hope that domestic and foreign developers who visit Busan to enjoy BIC Festival 2022 will also be able to bring information on Busan’s game development environment and support policy.”

The Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency operates the Busan Global Game Center with the support of Busan Metropolitan City, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and the Korea Creative Contents Promotion Agency to foster the game industry in Busan. The BIC Festival is held every year with the Organizing Committee.