Why only, Nintendo? Splatoon 3 already has a huge problem

On September 9, 2022, the colorful shooter Splatoon 3 appears for the switch. As part of this news, Publisher Nintendo also released a new trailer. However, certain scenes from the trailer provide plenty of conversation in the gaming community. Is Nintendo again on peer-to-peer server?

Splatoon 3 repeats a massive error

Peer-to-peer servers are a real problem for online players and not rarely the reason for a frustration attack. The reason: In contrast to a dedicated server, which creates the same conditions for all players, a peer-to-peer network connects only the players with each other. So a player has a bad internet management, such as a case also concerns all other players.

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What this results can be viewed in the current trailer for Splatoon 3. As attentive observers have found out, there are clear evidence that Nintendo sets again on peer-to-peer at the coming multiplayer game. This is how one sees in one place like a game character from a kind of bridge and suddenly again and suddenly again is on the bridge. A classic peer-to-peer behavior. The said moment in this tweet was recorded:

Can Nintendo still fix the problem?

Officially confirmed, the use of Nintendo peer-to-peer is not yet. However, since the Japanese Publisher has already used the same system at its predecessor, it is only obvious to the Splatoon 3 on the hated network sets.

Of course, that makes the multiplayer not unplayable, but it will thus be there in the future strange moments and unnecessary death , which can provide plenty of frustration.

Although some voices in the network argue that Nintendo is still a few months to fix such problems, but it is known to be the NetCode one of the first construction sites that a developer is concerned with a video game. So the NetCode is unstable, it is very difficult to fix the problem. Especially nintendo is notored to tackle online functions.