In “Mario Kart Wii”, a new “super shortcut” for 14 years has been realized. This work that is still deepening TAS research

It seems that a new shortcut has been realized in Mario Kart Wii over 14 years since its release. Despite this work, which has been studied for many years, it seems to be in the ways of exploration. Overseas media The Gamer reports.

“Mario Kart Wii” is a work released in Japan for Wii on April 10, 2008. Until now, this work has been studied for many years by enthusiastic users. And the method used to achieve this shortcut is called TAS (Tool-Assisted Speedrun). By using a tool, it is a method of taking full advantage of bugs that are difficult to reproduce by hand to bring out strange behaviors that can be used for shortcuts. This research using TAS is strong, and last year’s strange behavior of this work has been reported (related article).

This time, TAS user JELLOPUFF has realized a new shortcut in this work. The stage was one of the courses, Luigi Circuit. There is a shortcut group called Ultra shortcut in this work. This is not a normal shortcut, but a gap between the specifications and a bug to greatly shorten the time, which is also realized this time. According to JELLOPUFF, this is the 22nd Ultra shortcut found in Mario Kart Wii. He also said that he had been inferrating for more than two years to achieve this shortcut.

If you actually check the video, you can see that this method is spending on the first lap as “preparation”. The operated fan key kong is stuck into the wall when the course is out, and the course is left as it is. As soon as it enters the second lap, suddenly runs backwards and flies over the wall. When Jugem took it back to the course, he went to the goal with the behavior of hitting the wall. Then it became the second lap goal for some reason. It is a glorious movement like a series of mysterious rituals. This record seems to be the fastest recording in a single wrap, called FLAP (Fast Lap), as it spends the long time on the first lap. JELLOPUFF says in the YouTube video description column, saying, “I’ve never moved so much emotions to achieve something in the game.”

Last year, in 2021, there were events, such as the use of Ultra shortcuts, which had been seen as “close to human hands”, were reproduced by human hands instead of TAS (related articles). JELLOPUFF also stated that the shortcut was still “optimized.” This work, 14 years after the release, will still be expanded.