The new video Sea of Stars shows the location of the flooded cemetery

Developers from Sabotage Studio continue to share short videos on the upcoming step by step of the RPG Sea of Stars, which show the game world and key mechanics of the game. This time they decided to demonstrate a location entitled “Smiled Cemetery”, where the main characters go along a beam (with special animation) over a swamp with monsters to get to a hidden chest.

Eerie Coffins Seen Floating Through Flooded Louisiana Streets

The action in the upcoming role -playing game will take place until the events that were shown in The Messenger, the previous creation of the Sabotage studio. The story will unfold around the two children of the solstice, which can combine the forces of the Sun and the Moon to create powerful magic, capable of resisting the terrible creatures of the evil alchemist.

The release of Sea of Stars will be held in the Nobyar-December 2022 on the PC, Nintendo Switch and other platforms that developers promised to announce this spring.