“GHOSTWIRE: TOKYO” New Apde can silence noisy tengu. To a quiet walk in Tokyo

Tango Gameworks distributed the latest update on May 3. In addition to adjusting the volume of the tengu’s cry, it includes defective correction, performance improvement, and content related to Children’s Day.

“GHOSTWIRE: TOKYO” is an action adventure game designed by Tango Gameworks. Set in Tokyo, which has become uninhabited, a battle to save people by the protagonist combination is drawn. There are a variety of monsters in this work, sometimes helping to fight through unmanned Tokyo. Among them, Tengu is the one that makes movement much easier. The protagonist can move to a high place at once by hooking the tengu scattered on the roof of the building with a wire. Tengu also appeals to the location with the sound of flapping and the sound of “ga, gaet”.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Unlocking the Summon Tengu Skill

However, this appeal was noisy. Tengu is scattered throughout Tokyo, so you will be able to hear a lot of enthusiastic appeal. With this update, a “Youkai volume” slider has been added to the option. If you adjust this, you don’t have to worry about the loud volume of the tengu. Also, when I confirmed it, the frequency of the squeal was modest. In addition, all platforms have added options to adjust the dead zone of analog sticks (the range that ignores the operation), and the PC version has an implementation of ON/OFF mouse smoothing functions. In addition, Fast Travel can be used early, improving the ease of play.

In addition, this update improved overall performance on all platforms. In the PS5 version, the defect that decreases in performance in quality mode has been corrected, and defects that become unable to progress with specific operations have been corrected. In the PC version, a “movie display mode” option that deals with the cut scene defect is implemented. Users who generate the sound of the cut scene seem to be good to adjust this. In addition, emotes and cosmetic items with the theme of “Children’s Day” have been added as additional content. Please refer to the official patch notebook for further updates, such as the fixing points of the bug.

“GHOSTWIRE: TOKYO” is on sale for PlayStation 5/PC (Steam/Epic Games Store).