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Places of the appearance of rare weapons and weapons in Fallout 76 – a powerful weapon that can be armed!

If you want to arm yourself with a strong and rare weapon in Fallout 76, check out our guide to the locations. But first, this is some information that you need to find the best equipment to survive in the wasteland.

Information about rare weapons and weapons

  • Our rare weapon will always be at the same level, but the damage and condition will be random.
  • There are several places where you can find many different weapons listed below.

Fallout 76 - 5 Rare Hidden Weapon Locations
* A certain rare weapon requires special ammunition, which may be difficult to find.

machine gun 50 caliber

You will find a 50 CAL machine gun in the northwestern part of the card near Hemlock Holes. Look for a partially buried plane, as soon as you find it, there will be a truck that was turned into a bunker nearby. In the back of the truck you will find a 50 Cal machine gun.

Alien Blaster

You can find Alien Blaster in the northern part of the card and west of the butterfly. It is located in a box that can be found in the water in a flooded box. Be careful, you will be irradiated, so you may want to take some medicines. Alien Blaster uses AB cartridges that are specific for weapons.

Pistol with black gunpowder

If you need a pistol with black gunpowder in Fallout 76, go to the battlefield in Philippi right northeast of the butterfly. Here you will find a building that you can enter. Go to the basement/lower floor, and you will see a bunch of windows. All of them are bulletproof, but there is a red button near the stairs, and you can press it to open them all. In one of these boxes you will find a gun with black gunpowder.

rifle with black gunpowder

To find a rifle version of the Black Powder class weapons, you will need to go quite far to the east on the map of Harpers-Ferry. You will find a building with windows, which is very similar to the location of a pistol with black gunpowder, indicated above. However, this time all the cases are dismantled, so you don’t have to press the button to open them. You can also find a pistol with black gunpowder if you have not yet chosen the above.


If you want to find a crossbow, it is east of a butterfly in the palace of the winding path. In fact, you do not need to go into the building itself, but go through the gate and turn left. Clutch a cement wall until you get to the place of shooting at targets, a crossbow will wait for you on the table.

Guitar Sword

A guitar sword is a nearby weapon, which is located next to the refuge 76. You will have to cross the mountainous area to get there, but it’s worth it! You will find a guitar sword, supported next to the chair where there is a hut in this area.

hunting rifle/sniper rifle

If you are looking for a good long -range weapon, then the hunting rifle will serve you a good service. You can find this southeast from the Palace of the Wind Way in the area of mining. Right near the mine you will find a hunting rifle standing by the bench.

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