Update the end of spring at Odin, Cherry Blossom Garden

Kakao Games announced on the 4th that it will hold various events in spring at the MMORPG ‘Odin: Valar Rising (hereinafter’ Odin ‘)’ developed by Lion Heart Studio (CEO Jae -young Kim).

The newly added ‘Cherry Blossom Garden’ is a elite dungeon composed of four stages according to the level of admission. Users can acquire ‘cherry blossoms’ and ‘artifact fragments’ at each stage.

Spring 2022 Cherry Blossom Update | Richard & Helen DeVos Japanese Garden
In particular, the ‘cherry blossom order’ can be used as a buff item, as well as can be exchanged as a collection or growth/production material item. Users can also obtain useful items from event dungeons full of cherry blossoms.

Meanwhile, Kakao Games will hold an attendance event of ‘Odin’ until June 1 to commemorate the family moon. Whenever you attend every day, you can earn a variety of rewards such as ‘Trendal debris’ and ‘Avatar-Taskion 11 Summon Options’.

In addition, on the 5th Children’s Day, 8 Mother’s Day, and Teacher’s Day, the frequency of gold and various items that can be obtained on the field will be increased, and the ‘Surprise Push Event of the Family Month’ will be held during the same period. Users can access various rewards, including ’10 golden stamps’ by accessing from 12 pm to 12 am during the event.