Super Cell, Childrens Day, Lets try it with Unexist Boy

[Supercell Park Ye -jin reporter] Supercell unveiled the Brolskaz sound with Unexpensive to commemorate Children’s Day.

Minecraft if creeper holes were NEVER filled:
Supercell announced on the 6th that the hip -hop artist Unofficialboyy has released a song “ Let’s try it ” on the domestic music site. This song is a follow -up project of ‘Bad Randoms’, a collaboration with Kukkasten, which was released last summer.

‘Let’s try it’ is a song released for Children’s Day, so it contains Brolstest’s game elements in lyrics and bright and pleasant melodies that all ages can listen to. As if you are going to play the game again without repeated defeat, you will not be frustrated in everyday life, but you will be able to challenge again.

The music video, which was released on the official YouTube channel of Brolstez on the 5th, made a live -action ‘cherry spike animation series’ ‘BrolStars’ popular content. Cherry blossom spikes expressed their own bicycles, convenience stores, and scenes that watch the sunset. The costumes and helmets worn by Un Office Boy borrowed the concept of the hero Broller Bonnie, which was added during the Brolstest’s Broll Pass 12 update.

In addition, Supercell will be presented as a gift through a lottery for users who listen to music videos and submit a scenes in the music video and an animation with time stamps.

Unofissant Boy said, “It was one of the bucket lists to work with the game company, but I had a chance to match the Super Cell with the Super Cell.” I hope you have greater courage and confidence in living your daily life. ”

An official of Brolsatsu said, “We have gathered the meaning of releasing a sound source containing a message of support that everyone can sympathize and strengthen as a gift for children’s day.” I hope you will love you a lot of lyrics and melodies that can lead. ”

Meanwhile, Supercell will hold a lip -sync event using the hook part of the song to commemorate the release of the sound source.