Microsoft plans to transplant gamers from the keyboard and mouse for gamepads

In the Windows 11 operating system, a new function will be added, which will allow you to run the recently played game without using the keyboard and mouse. But for this you will have to connect the Xbox gamepad. To call the “controller panel”, press the central button on the controller if you are on the desktop. A special banner will appear on which the last games running on the computer will be shown.

How to Play Xbox Cloud Gaming with a Mouse and Keyboard (Xcloud PC)

Thus, Microsoft is even more erasing the boundaries between the PC and the game console, because many modern games support management from the gamepad. Perhaps the future is not far off when the venerable PC-Boyar themselves will not notice how they turn into console gamers who are lazy to rise from the sofa in order to sit into an orthopedic playing chair and start a favorite game with a familiar double click of the label.