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Wild Lift Tournament Icons for 4 weeks in Singapore

Riot Games announced on the 9th that the Icons Global Championship will be held at the Suntec Convention Center in Singapore.

The League of Legends: Wild Lift, the 2022 Wildlift Icons Global Championship (Icons), is the best international competition for the Wildlift this year.

The 2022 icons will attend a total of 24 teams from eight regions around the world. The eight teams who won the Spring Tournament in eight regions have won the group stage direct ticket, and 16 teams will play-in-stage and enter the round of 16, the first and second place in each group. In the group stage, which is divided into four groups, the top two teams of each group will enter the tournament stage, covering the final team for the quarter -finals, quarter -finals and finals.

Play-In Stage, which is divided into four groups with 16 teams, will be held on June 14 and will be held until 18 days. The group stage, where the Spring winning teams in each region will participate, will be held from June 21 to 25, and the quarter -finals will be held on July 1 and 2, the quarter -finals on July 5 and 6, and the finals on July 9.

The icons, where 24 teams with the best skills in each region compete for nearly a month, cost the first official global tournament in the wildlift esports and $ 2 million (2.5 billion won).

WNS Championship Day 1
Representatives of Korea (WCK) will include three teams, Rollster Y, Guangdong Prix, and T1. In the 2022 WCK Spring Final, Rollster Y, who overpowered Guangdong Prix at the end of the full set, had a group stage direct ticket, so he participated in the round of 16, and Guangdong Prix and T1 played the 24th play-in-stage schedule.

Riot Games was planning to hold icons in Spain in Europe, but the Corona 19 fan -decrics decided to move to Singapore due to disruptions on visa issuance and immigration schedules.

Singapore’s Suntec Convention Center was a successful place where the Horizon Cup, the first global championship of Wildlift esports in 2021, is a place where teams and players can gather in one place to play the best. Do.

“We are pleased to announce that the first global championship of Wildlift esports will be held in Singapore,” said Leo Faria Wildlift e -Sports Global Manager. I think it will be the best place to be. ”