Valorant: Kru and Mox dominate the southern VCT table

The first day of the south began yesterday with clashes that demonstrate the changes of mentality for the region, after the first Vct i nnternational of the year, all teams seek to overthrow the Kun Aguero team, * Taking great initiative at the beginning of the tournament where we see the teams prepared to be able to demonstrate the improvements they have made throughout these months.

Kru continues to show its power

The first duel of the day we saw the Krü Esports team faced with the new blood of the South League Sunxet Club, starting at a map of Breeze that was selected by Krü to demonstrate its level but the sun team put things couples inside of the map with fross making his own using an astra that would be essential to leave the tie in the first part, in the change of roles we saw Juan “Nagzet” López being Chamber’s teacher from the beginning of the map leaving Let your rivals know because it is the Main of the French agent to be able to leave the map 13-11.

In the second map of BIND that was selected to Sunxet, things were complicated from the beginning with the characteristic aggressive looking to redeem Sunxet trying to do something in the gun round but it would not be his map because Kru would make a perfect map that would give him the series.

Mox makes 9Z fall

For the second confrontation of the day we saw Movistar Optix against 9Z placing himself on a map of Bind that put Giulliano “Tuli” well wanting to take the confrontation from the beginning with his Raire to make Great plays in the first half that would give a wide advantage to Mox with a 9-3, in the second part of the map the reactions made by Nahuel “Puleule” Puella with a brim that gave him rounds at 9z but it would not be enough because Mox would make a quick closure 13-7.

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Starting the second map of Ascent things would look very different for the 9Z team that demonstrated a great impulse with Puleule using omen to give him a quite good start attack that would leave the Things 6-6, In the second half of the map the performance of tuli with Jett was very good, however, the map would begin to tilted towards the 9Zteam That would propose a pretty good defense to get the map 13-7. **

In a third decisive map that would be Icebox, both teams were looking for the rapid victory but Michele’s Maximiliano Jett “would have a great start from the round one to be able to place the right bullets in the rivals to leave the map with a 9 -3, In the change of sides we saw a totally different face of the Mox team that proposed in the attack to get around the scoreboard managing to place a 13-10 that would give him the victory of the series.

Thus concludes the first date of the south showing that Kru continues to talk about the confrontations and a Mox that does not want to release the tip of the table from the beginning, the items demonstrated the quality, the level and above all the new attitudes that the teams are taking inside the league to find the championship.