Nintendo Switch Oled, back at its lowest price

The latest version of the famous Nintendo console, the Switch Oled brings its share of new products to seduce gamers who have not yet taken the plunge or for those who want to push the immersion further. At the moment, Amazon is offering a small promo on this console, is rare enough to be underlined, which positions it at only € 310.49.

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Nintendo Switch OLED Console Unboxing (New & Improved Model)




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Designed by Nintendo, the Switch is a hybrid living room console, allowing you to play on a television or on the screen integrated into the console. A real success, the console has a large catalog of games filling all needs, for gamers neophytes as experienced. Despite its fairly eloquent name, Nintendo did not just slip a Dalle OLED in its console, but took the opportunity to make menus changes to improve the players’ video game experience.

First of all, the screen of course goes from an LCD technology to an OLED technology, but the diagonal is growing, passing from 6.2 inch to 7 inch , what to offer more Immersion in the games, well helped by the infinite contrast of the OLED and the slimming of the borders, allowing at the same time to keep the same dimensions. Nintendo listened to the users by installing a full -width rear crutch , much more stable and reliable for gamers who put their console in easel mode. The dock reception of the console also evolves gently, also bringing an RJ45 taken, essential to play online in good conditions. Players who download many games will be happy to see that internal storage has also evolved, from 32 GB to 64 GB . Finally, Nintendo took advantage of this small update to slightly improve the speakers , enough to make those who play without a helmet smile.

Launched at the rate of € 349.99, the Nintendo Switch Oled , like all the consoles Nintendo , is only rarely in promo . However, at the moment Amazon offers a small discount on the console, passing it to 310.49 € , enough to save a few barracks and offer yourself Breath of the Wild or a MicroSD memory card .

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