Rising Wings, Solitier for Competz pre -booking starts

Rising Wings (CEO Kim Jung -hoon, hereinafter Rising Wings) is the first game that can be played in the blockchain -based global e -sports service ‘Competz’, which starts a pre -booking of ‘Solitai (Solitai) for Competz’ did.

‘Solitier for Competz’ is one of the most popular classic card games in the world and a PVP game based on KLONDIKE solitare, which is familiar to anyone, and is officially released in the third quarter. The score is submitted by stacking the card from A to K in the same shape in the pile of basic cards. It is characterized by providing the same game environment such as card layout, deck composition, and random mission to each other opponent, so that all users can experience fair games.

Solitier for Competz is making pre -booking through Google Play and Apple App Store in the world, except Korea and China. Users who have applied for advance reservations will receive in -game goods available in the game in the future. In addition, the in -game item AIRDROP (free gift) [1] Event and Minting (NFT issuance) will be provided to provide more users by providing a white list registration event that can participate first.

The Bora Portal will also be Solitare for Competz’s Game Skin NFT Minting. On the 25th, on the 26th, on the 26th, a public mining will be held for anyone to participate. Game Skin NFT purchasing users will be given the opportunity to compensate for some of the revenue from the entrance fee in the game. Rare levels can be rewarded according to the grade, and if you have two or more NFTs, benefits are overlapped.