Launched RPG Raising Dal Rabbits Global Soft Launch

The global soft launch of ‘Raising Dal Rabbit’, developed and serviced by Game Startup Able Games, has begun.

‘Raising the Dal Rabbit’ is a mobile 2D negative RPG that tells the story of growing and fighting the night (darkness) by the guardian Lin, who guards the moon’s kingdom.

The field of ‘Dal Rabbit Raising’ with the moon is composed of seven chapters and 95 stages, and a offline system that gives battles and rewards is introduced without any automatic battles without special operation, helping gamers grow rapidly..

Dungeons, on the other hand, are manually controlled by the character’s control, and strategic battles are in line with the boss characteristics of each dungeon, such as identifying, analyzing the combat patterns of boss monsters, and various skill combinations.

‘Raising Dal Rabbits’ recorded the cumulative downloads of 100,000 downloads in three months after its launch in June last year. did.

Able Games officials are the success factors of ‘raising the moon rabbit’, which can be easily accessible to anyone, the low barrier of entry, the dungeon content with a high level of difficulty for the core users, the trendy character, and the Korean game in the game. It was selected as an enemy element.

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An official from Able Games said, “The moon rabbit, which began with Korea’s traditional fairy tale, was launched in Korea on the 17th, following the launch of Korea last year,” he said. We have prepared language support for launching countries. Starting with this soft launch, I would like to ask you a lot of attention to the actions of Able Games and Dal Rabbits, which are becoming a global game company. ”

The global soft -tech launch of ‘Dalto Raise’ will be held on May 17 in three languages: English, Thai, and Vietnamese. The company plans to launch Grand launch in a series of targets in North America, Europe and Oceania.

Meanwhile, Able Games is an indie game developer founded by four developers in 21 years, and is growing rapidly by achieving sales of 8 billion won in one year of game service through the first work of the mobile 2D negative RPG.