Kein Dying Light 3? Techland plant massives AAA-Fantasy

The zombies have probably died at Techland – at least when it comes to the next new title that we can expect from the Polish developer studio. The team is currently looking for talents, but not for another dying light branch, but for a previously unannounced fantasy action RPG.

job advertisements for fantasy titles

It is about: Dying Light 2 appeared in February of this year, around seven years after the predecessor indicated in Germany. The developer studio has promised to support the title for at least five years. In the meantime, however, on another IP is already being worked on in Techland. According to a press release, work on this project started before the release of the new Zombie Schnetzler.

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So far we know about the new project: It should be an AAA action RPG with fantasy setting and open game world. There are already some developers who have worked on known titles – for example on The Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077 and Horizon Zero Dawn. Now the team is to be expanded.

More about Dying Light 2:

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Here we show you a comparison between the first trailers for DL2 and the finished game:

We have to be patient for more information: Much more is currently not revealed. Only that the team strives for a “completely new experience” and wants to build on the skills and experiences that the studio has collected over the years.

Samara Summer

[email protected] in the winter

Seven years have passed between the release of Dying Light and Dying Light 2. The news that Techland is now turning a completely new IP with a completely different setting instead of a third part, DL3 mentally moved to unattainable distant. Especially since the studio reports to want to create something that differs from previous projects, the question arises whether there will be a return to the undead sector at all.

I personally think that there will be no dying light 3 at first. I think the series has created a great dark, morbid and mysterious end-time atmosphere, which only a few other titles come in in the zombie genre.

Yes, Dying Light 2 had his weaknesses (which is certainly related to the chaotic development process). But it was also just fun and, above all, showed that there is still a lot of unused potential. That is exactly why I would have preferred to hear Techland used all of its resources to fully develop it in a third part – DLCs for Dying Light 2 or not.

So far I have less longing for a new fantasy action RPG, but I would like to be instructed better.

What do you say that Techland now turns to an AAA fantasy action RPG?