La Taberna: Silent Hills leaks, Starfields delay and the new PS Plus games

Intense current weeks in the world of video game that have served to give leftovers in the new installment of the tavern of Meristation, the debate and opinion program with Albert Gil, Motenai and Salva Fernández that It is broadcvideo gamet during the YouTube channel of the magazine live.

Yesterday, May 18 there were many issues on the table, starting with the delay of Starfield and the doubts generated. On the other hand, we also discuss Silent Hill’s alleged leaks, what does the link – once – of Bloober Team with a Silent Hill 2 remake and how we see the future of the saga.

Starfield delay, Silent Hill 2 remake and Jedi: Survivor | This Week In Videogames

In addition, we also put on the table the good and bad of the games that will appear in the new PlayStation Plus, where the titles have been announced and where everything retro hvideo game been relegated to the background. All this and much more, such video game Evil Dead, Dark Souls 3 or The King of Fighters, in the Meristation tavern. During live week on YouTube.