Publication date of Rainbow Six Siege Operation Vector GLARE, SEN and more

The publication date of Rainbow Six Siege Operation ACT “This Means Warp” -The strategic thinking is required, and thinking as a team is also important [Developer interview]”>Operation Vector GLARE is finally just around the corner and Ubisoft has a lot of sharp new content on the way. The latest victory expansion promises the new operator Sens, a brand new Team Deathmatch-exclusive card, phase 1 of the introduction of the reputation system of the competitive FPS game and much more.

Information about the Belgium-born Attacker Sens, its unique Rou Projector System-Gadget and the brand new POF-9 assault rifle, which you will advertise, have all been leaked through in the past few weeks, but now Ubisoft has officially confirmed what actually Is arriving with publication date by Rainbow Six Siege Operation Vector Glare and what is not.

So if you want the complete overview of everything that comes in Y7S2, together with what has already found its way to the Internet, read on. With the creation of a brand new group, Wolfguard, it looks as if we are also experiencing a whole series of new victory delivery.

publication date of Rainbow Six Siege Operation Vector GLARE

The publication date of Rainbow Six Siege Operation Vector GLARE is June 7, 2022 . The new expansion was officially unveiled on May 22 at Six Charlotte Major after it was originally announced at the Six Invitational in February.

Publication time of Rainbow Six Siege Operation Vector GLARE

Although not confirmed by Ubisoft, there is a good chance that the publication time of Operation Vector GLARE will be 7 a.m. PDT / 10 a.m. EDT / 2 p.m. GMT How it was when Demon Veil arrived in March.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Vector Glare Operator Sens

With a new Rainbow Six Viege extension there is a brand new operator. “A brilliant tactician from Belgium with military experience and training in psychology”, according to the UBI, Sens is an attacker with a very unique device: the Rou- Projector system .

If it is used, the device sends a bike from Sens that “moves in a straight line [and deflects off of walls] small projectors and to destroy themselves after a certain time.” These projectors create a light wall that The line of sight blocks. If used correctly, this new device can interrupt important visual lines and enable you or a team -mate to re -position yourself. However, note that this wall does not block any projectiles.

Sens is a low-speed operator with high health and can either be equipped with the brand new POF-9 assault rifle or 417 as your primary elections, with the SDP-9 and skirts -6 serve as their seconds. For your secondary gadgets, SEN can choose A HARDBREACH INFICT or ClayMores .

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Vector GLARE Wolfguard-Trupp

During the SIX invitational 2022, Ubisoft announced that the operators of Rainbow Six victories are divided into specialized teams. The first of these squads, which is introduced in Y7S2, is the Wolfguard Squad, “the world’s leading humanitarian military unit, which is known for its compassionate and careful approach”.

Under the direction of DOC, all members of Wolfguard – Bandit, Castle, Clash, Frost, Melusi, Montagne, Noman, Sens, Thunderbird, Twitch and Ying – “trained in field medicine and specialize in any kind of protection.”

Creative director Alexander Karpazis says that the decision to divide the operators of victories is important because the studio can “tell stories about these operators on site” – something he says that we will be expanded at the beginning of the new experience.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Vector Glare operator changes

The players will be happy to hear that a third secondary weapon option was either added or returned to a selection of operators:

Amaru – * ita12s
Consumption – P10C
Dokkaebi – CZ75 automatic
Glass-* Lager-9
Standstill- SDP-9
Kali – P226
* Tacanca- Lager- 9

Glaz also receives a speed bonus. The Russian attacker will now zoom around as an operator at three speeds instead of two.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Vector GLARE New Team Deathmatch Card

Operation Vector GLARE brings with it the first new and exclusive team-friendly map Close Quarter. The high -ranking designer Jeremy Dowsett, who is located in a Greek training facility, says that the new card will of course have a “different feeling” than bombing cards, with “looser angles” and “much faster, chaotic gameplay”.

Without a defensive setups, the new Team Deathmatch card will concentrate more on movement, with a fast river that makes the players warm before getting into the ranking play.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Vector GLARE player behavior

In order to keep unruly players from team killing, Ubisoft finally introduces reverse friends. To ensure that the players have better control over the termination of the game, the studio makes some changes. Finally, the data protection mode receives public publication.

reverse your own fire

Operation Vector GLARE will introduce Phase 1 of the long -awaited reputation system of victories. The main advocate of this who will arrive in Y7S2 is reverse friends to prevent malicious players from killing their teammates.

After the fallible player has been warned twice, he can no longer harm his teammates and takes harm instead. Those who are punished then have to play several games without injuring teammates before the sanctions decrease.

Year 7 Season 2: Operation Vector Glare Reveal Panel | Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

game cancellation

Ubisoft will update the Match Cancel system by Siege so that players are prevented from abusing it. Although the details are thin at the moment, the optimization of the system will hopefully give players a greater level of control over the process, “from the first request to the cancellation of the game itself”.

data protection mode

Y7S2 will make the originally offered data protection mode settings of a selected group of players available back in the public yardstick in January. Now players can set a nickname of their choice if they face games to ensure anonymity. In addition, the skills are granted to hide your avatar, rename other players and hide matchmaking information.

Onboarding of Rainbow Six Siege Operation Vector GLARE

In order to help new (and even existing) players get used to the weapons, operators and general systems of victories, Ubisoft implements two brand new tools: Shooting Range and Operator Guides.

shot width

The deputy game director Christopher Budgen says that the shooting range – an upcoming addition to victories in Y7S2 – is “a great tool to learn the special features and properties of every weapon, the various attachments and the different situations in which they work best. According to Budgen, the tool will also be great to help players familiarize players with optimizations and changes in the Rainbow Six Siege-Patchnotizen.

Each operator will be available on the shooting range – regardless of whether the players own it or not – so that they get a feeling for what everyone does and can find out which equipment best suits their playing style for every operator.

Although Operation Vector GLARE will only contain a shooting range with a single track, Ubisoft, according to Budgen, has great plans to expand the reach and add further paths and optimizations.

user manuals

Via the operator album, players can now access operator manuals. This seems to be a great addition to new and recurring players who want to get a more comprehensive overview of the functioning of an operator.

Each guide offers clear examples of how best to use every operator and its devices, as well as strategies to attack or defend. In addition, the guides respond to the most important siege mechanics such as roaring and abseiling-something that the less siege-experienced PC players look forward to 24 players when they attract their meatlings.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Vector GLARE YAKUZA packages

Fans of Sega’s Yakuza series will be enthusiastic to hear that two new covers are on their way based on two of their most iconic characters-one inspired by Kaoru Sayama for Hibana and the other inspired by Kiryu Kazuma for Echo. In the future, Echo will also receive an elite skin that is inspired by another Yakuza character. There are no further details yet, but we rely on none other than Goro Majima.

Additional updates for Rainbow Six Siege Operation Vector GLARE

In response to player feedback to wiggle the screen, a new access option for adapting the intensity is added in Y7S2. Players can now choose between the standard quantity of shake, a reduced quantity or the complete switching off.

The operators will now be available in the professional game on the eSports page as soon as they are published. The current system blocks new operator in the first few months after its publication to ensure that there are no major mistakes or balance problems that could endanger the health of the competitive game.

Ubisoft, however, is of the opinion that his publication pipeline is now solid enough that these problems do not occur and teams receive immediate access to a new weapon in their composition arsenals.

The other big change, which will particularly benefit the professionals, is the introduction of a tactical timeout function in custom lobbies. Now players and coaches can request a break. This will probably only be usable between the rounds.

Finally, Ubisoft introduces a new incentive -based system that rewarded players and friends who bring them back to victories that the year 7 have not played.

The Squad Up program will enable current and recurring players to get all kinds of goodies, including “Year-6 operator, a new exotic weapon design or other fallback rewards, including Battle Points if you already have this operator own “for the squad leader and one year 4 or 5 operators for recurring players.

Fallback rewards continue to apply to returning players who have these operators, and rewards are only available after five games have been completed.

As soon as recurring players have completed the program, you can recommend your own friends as a leader to get these more spicy rewards.