How to get scales in V Rising, the best places for the farm

Scales is one of the best resources in V Rising, which helps in the acquisition of t3 armor. This manual tells how to get scales and where it is best to farm them in V Rising.

how to get scales in V Riding

Being objects for craft, Libra play an important role in V Rising. Although there are several ways to find scales, we have chosen the best ways to get the scales in V Rising below.

killing rainworms for obtaining scales

Perhaps the fastest way to get scales in V Rising is to kill the earthworms, since when the murder of rainworms, 80-100 scales fall out. In addition, these earthlings are quite easy to kill, which makes the process even more simple.

However, finding them can be a little difficult, since they appear from under the ground in the swamps in random cases.

Victory over the Boss-Floor to get the scales

Speaking of swamps, you will meet the army of frogs in marshy areas. These frogs drop a large number of scales. There will certainly be a leader with all the frogs in the area. Well, you are lucky, since in a swamp of greed there is a frog-boss that gives you an impressive number of scales that you can collect after victory.

Fishing to get Libra

If you were not able to find the scales using the above methods, you can use fishing as an additional method to get Libra in V Rising.

Although there is a 50%chance that you will get any scales with fishing, it is still better to experience your luck, since fishing is one of the easiest ways to get scales in V Riding.

We would recommend switching between methods instead of adhere to only one; You will receive enough scales in the shortest possible time.

The FASTEST WAY to Farm Stone and Wood in V Rising

Places of growing V Rising Scales

If you cannot defeat the monsters and want to grow scales yourself, the best place for the Pharma of the scales is a spider cave.

There are several spiders in the spider cave, from ordinary to exploding spiders.

What makes exploding spiders more interesting to kill is that they just need to be provoked so that they explode and drop scales.

Therefore, just provoke them and stay away from danger, as they explode and drop scales.

Each killed spider gives you 10 scales. Given that there are hundreds of spiders inside the cave, this gives you a guarantee to get a large number of scales without even traveling.

Nevertheless, you should note that, playing on the PVP server, you will encounter a V-Blood boss 60-level inside a spider cave named Ungora, Queen of Spiders .

If you do not want to face any boss in the cave, you can go to a PVE server where you do not have to worry about a clash with any bosses in the cave, and you can easily farm scales inside.