Lineage M, Trigger: Trigger of Jinshorn pre -booking

MMORPG ‘Lineage M’ of NCsoft Co., Ltd. (CEO Kim Taek-jin and NC) will make a pre-booking ‘Trigger: Trigger of Marriage’ from today (25th).

Lineage M users will be able to enjoy new contents such as the ‘Musketeers’ class (class) class reboot, new server ‘Balock’ and Lineage M’s 5th anniversary. The details of the ‘Trigger: Trigger of Soul’ will be released sequentially.

NC (NC) will make a pre-booking ‘Trigger: Trigger of Marriage’ until June 7th on Lineage M’s official website. Existing/Grim Ripper Server users can choose one of two pre-booking rewards (Mr. Smoker’s compensation box (event) or Mr. Smoker’s support box (event)) depending on the propensity. When you open a box, ▲ ‘Mr. Smoker’s Lucky Cube (Event)’, which allows you to receive various items such as ‘MR. Smoker’s ammunition belt (fixed)’ ▲ ‘Legendary production secret (engraved)’ for 50 days. We will earn rewards such as ‘Mr. Smoker’s Growth Cube’ (event), which obtains growth support items by level.

Users who enjoy Lineage M on the new server ‘Balock’ can obtain dedicated compensation such as ‘Balock’s Ga (Event)’ and ‘Awakening: Balock’s Gaho (Event)’. If you hold each item, you will get a ‘PVE (Player vs Environment) damage reduction’ buff (BUFF). The item will be buffed by ‘PVP (Player VS Player) damage reduction’ buff.

Lineage M presented ‘TJ’s COUPON’ to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the service. The user can receive two types of coupons (TJ’s COUPON-General Equipment Recovery, TJ’s COUPON-Rune Recovery) that can recover more than rare levels and runes that have failed to reinforce. The acquisition method will be released later.

For more information on updates and pre-booking, please visit the Lineage M website.